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Jammed Shutter Fix for the Nikon FE Film Camera

Nikon FE Jammed Shutter Fix Tutorial for film photographers.

Are you having a problem with your Nikon FE and you can’t figure out why the shutter won’t click and why the lens won’t open up? I had this same problem recently and couldn’t figure out how to fix it. When looking through the viewfinder, my lens was black and I couldn’t see anything. I feared the worst. I also couldn’t click the shutter. It seemed like there was some sort of blockage.

Like most of you reading this, when my Nikon FE wasn’t working I wanted to find a quick fix. I didn’t want to go to the camera store and leave my camera behind for a few days. Luckily, I found a quick fix for a jammed shutter.

Fixing this problem with my camera made me feel more in tune with my equipment. I had to take it apart and get to know the parts working inside to fix it and something about that satisfied me. Without these parts I wouldn’t even be taking these photos so shouldn’t I know more about them?

Regardless, let’s get started on this solution. Here is my jammed shutter fix tutorial for the Nikon FE Camera.

Fixing your Nikon FE

After you have come to the conclusion that your shutter is locked or your film forward lever is jammed, you’ll need to go to the source if you want to fix this problem. In order to do this, you’ll need a screw driver or some sort of tool to help you remove the three small screws from the bottom of the camera. In this case, I used a handy tool with a screw driver head on the end of it.

Screwdriver and Film Camera - How to Fix Your Nikon FE if the Shutter is Jammed - FilterGrade Blog

Three Screws - How to Fix a Nikon FE Film Camera with a Jammed Shutter - FilterGrade Blog

Once you have undone the screws, lift up on the bottom plate and gently pull the camera bottom off.

Inside Parts - How to Fix a Nikon FE Film Camera with a Jammed Shutter - FilterGrade Blog


After you pull of the bottom lid, take a look around and get to know the camera and its parts. Doing this helped me to understand the camera more and learn how it operates, which in turn made me think differently when I went out to shoot the next time.

You’ll find the film receiving spool on the far right side with a small switch attached to it and a metal lever behind. If your problem truly is a jammed shutter than this is where your problem is taking place. The film winder may seem like it should work, but in actuality the small piece of metal behind the lever is preventing you from forwarding the film.

Don’t panic though!

Solution - How to Fix a Nikon FE Film Camera with a Jammed Shutter - FilterGrade Blog

The simple solution is to use your screwdriver to press the metal lever forward (left, away from the film winder). While doing this, notice what is happening when you move the lever to the left. When you move the lever to the left, the bronze switch sitting in front of it will move down, forcing the shutter forward which will release the jam in your camera.

Once you do this, click the shutter release button on top of your camera and try to move the film forward. If you are lucky, the shutter will click and the film forwarding mechanism will work smoothly.

Camera Bottom- How to Fix a Nikon FE Film Camera with a Jammed Shutter - FilterGrade Blog

From here, once your camera is no longer jammed, all you will need to do is screw the bottom plate back onto the camera and then you are set to go shoot again.

We hope this jammed shutter fix tutorial helps you out so you don’t have to waste your time and money going to the camera store! Feel free to check out some of our other film photography articles:

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about fixing your Nikon FE or if you have any new topics you’d like us to cover on the blog!

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