Kodak Brings Back T-MAX P3200 Black & White Film

2 Kodak is Bringing Back TMAX P3200 B&W Professional Film - FilterGrade

According to a Facebook post by Kodak Professional, the Facebook page of Kodak Alaris, Kodak is bringing back the T-Max P3200 Black & White negative film.

Film is our heritage and we remain committed to meeting the evolving needs of today’s film shooters,” said Dennis Olbrich, President – Kodak Alaris Imaging Paper, Photo Chemicals and Film in an official press release after CES 2017. As it appears, Kodak Alaris is making strong investments and deep measures to bring back professional film stocks that their audience desires.

With the introduction of this film stock, Kodak Alaris is now re-entering the market of multi-speed films competing with other professional film stocks such as Ilford Delta 3200 Black and White film, Fuji Superia 1600, Kodak Portra 800, and more.

Kodak Alaris already shows the film stock on their website, but there is no current information on where to get the film or how to place special orders. You can find the full list of Kodak Alaris film stocks here.

Kodak T-Max P3200 Black and White Film - FilterGrade

UPDATED: 09/25/2018

You can now find the Kodak TMZ 135-36 T-Max P3200 B&W Print Film on B&H Photo available for order at a price of $8.99.

kodak t-max p3200 film on b&h photo

What is Kodak TMAX P3200?

This film is a multi-speed continuous-tone panchromatic black-and-white negative film that combines high to ultra-high film speeds with finer grain than that of other fast black-and-white films.

1 Kodak is Bringing Back TMAX P3200 B&W Professional Film - FilterGrade

(via fstoppers)

KODAK PROFESSIONAL T-MAX P3200 Film is specially designed to be used as a multi-speed film. The speed you use depends on your application; make tests to determine the appropriate speed.

Some of the features of this film stock include:

  • Ability to push ISO/ASA up to 25,000 (High to Ultra-High Capabilities)
  • Kodak T-Grain Emulsion
  • Superior Sharpness

Some benefits from these features are:

  • Fine Grain
  • Allows the photographer to shoot in situations where it was previously impossible
  • Maintains subject details

When Can I get T-MAX P3200?

Kodak Alaris has not made an official statement on when the film stock will be released to the market for purchase. However, we are hopeful that it will return by the end of March 2018:

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