Learn Photoshop: Top 5 Websites to Master Photoshop For Free

Learn Photoshop: Top 5 Websites to Master Photoshop For Free

Learn Photoshop from the very best websites for free. We show you the right order to learn Photoshop by laying down all the resources that you ever needed. Opening images, editing, retouching, photography & compositing in Photoshop has never been so easy, check out the best-listed websites to become a Photoshop superhero.

Photoshop is the best & versatile design software used by all design enthusiasts around the world. From casual & pro photographers to designers & concept artists, they all use Photoshop to create compelling artwork and designs. But if you have never opened it before, it might be very daunting to learn this huge application. That’s why this post comes in. We have compiled the list of best websites to get you under the hood of Photoshop. The sites are regularly updated every week to help you train & create your unique style of editing from scratch.

Everyone needs to start somewhere. You’ll able to learn the basics of Photoshop such as layers, masking, adjustment layers, filter, tools, selections, menus & a lot more from these resources.

From opening your first images to advanced image editing, you’ll find everything in this post. Make people photos look very best, correct color, blend multiple images, apply stunning effects, remove blemishes & distractions, add or change color, make a selection, & a lot more with the websites below. Let’s get you started with editing right away!

Top 5 Websites To Learn Photoshop For Free:



Phlearn is one of the best Photoshop, photography & Lightroom evolve websites. They say “They are born to teach you Photoshop” and have been teaching Photoshop online for 10 years. They have huge a library of free and pro tutorials that will bring the artist inside you to this very artistic life. The best thing about PHLEARN is, Aaron’s (Phlearn’s founder) teaching style is so much fun & he makes Photoshop learning very easy. This site is best if your main focus is photography & retouching but you may also find some compositing tutorials on the site.

No matter what your skill level is, even if you follow advanced tutorials on PHLEARN, Aaron’s tutorials will give you basic information to help you follow along with him without any confusion. Also, their pro tutorials are totally worth it if you want to take your Photoshop skill to next level. Just like they publish free tutorials, they also have new pro tutorials every week.

Best Resources on PHLEARN:

2. PSTutorials


Photoshoptutorials is run by Denny Tang and this site is huge when it comes to Photoshop training. The best thing about PStutorials is they have a lot of tutorials from best digital artists around the world. Since they have multiple authors, that opens a lot of opportunity to learn different & unique styles of compositing from each instructor rather than following a single instructor.

This site is mainly focused on photo manipulation & compositing so if you want to learn how to blend multiple images to create a cohesive scene you’ll find tons of tutorials on this website. Also, they have a huge library of free downloads, mostly they have actions & presets as freebies.

Best Resources on Photoshop Tutorials:

3. PSD Stack


PSD Stack is a great website to learn Photoshop for free & have been around since 2016. The best thing about the site is they have both, photo manipulation & photography tutorials, with step by step instructions. Some of their tutorials have been shared over 20k times on social media and they publish new tutorials every week. Mostly they have compositing & photo effects tutorials on their website but you’ll find a lot of beginner tutorials as well.

Apart from having a wide range of tutorials, they have freebies such as Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions, textures & more downloads. Also, they publish resources posts such as round-ups of mock-ups, textures, templates giving you the curated design resources from the web.

Best Resources on PSD Stack:

4. Photoshop Essentials

photoshop essentials

If you are looking for detailed & thorough tutorials then give it a try to Photoshop Essentials. Their explanation on each & every tutorial will make you a Photoshop wizard, as they have one of the most thorough tutorials containing a huge amount of information. This site is mainly focused on beginners/basics level of tutorials so if you want to clear the basic fundamentals of Photoshop, you must visit this site often. Also, they have some really a lot of cool text effect tutorials. In my opinion they have tons of tutorials on text effect than any website out there.

Best Resources on Photoshop Essentials:

5. PSD Box


PSD Box run by an individual Andrei Oprinca, his style of teaching is compositing & photography. On most websites, you’ll find some fantasy composites but Andrei’s style of creating compositions is totally unique as he uses stock images in a very clean manner. No flashy & ultra-style color grading but simple edits to make compositions more compelling and story-telling.

His tutorials are really huge in length, giving you a clear cut understanding of compositing. Right now, they have started an Express Photoshop course which is not available to free members as soon as he makes it available to the public we’ll update the link to his Photoshop Express Course.

Best Resources on PSD Box:

That’s a wrap for our post! I hope this post will help you learn the ropes of Photoshop. Even though we have listed the very best sites but you have to put in the work to learn Photoshop. Focus on working on the fundamentals first and then move ahead gradually to advanced learning. Make sure to check these sites often as they publish new tutorials for all Photoshop users. If you know a website that we missed and it is regularly updated let us know in the comment section below, we’d love to get your feedback.

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