Learn to be a Videographer

Videos are more than recording and even more than life. It is a media we use for storytelling, furthermore, it is a way for communication. Nowadays, most of our phones feature powerful cameras for both photo and video. Though the condition is easier for us to create, learn to be a videographer is never an easy thing. The good thing is, it is never too late to start. Follow the steps we concluded for you, pick up your gear and record!

1. Pick your gear

Needless to say, cameras are the soul of a videographer. Choosing your first camera could be hard, check out our post 11 Best Cameras for Vlogging, maybe your next camera is within the list! Also, don’t forget to buy memory cards to save your videos perfectly, we’ve got the recommendation list of the most reliable ones for you as well.

You will also need tripods/gimbals and external microphone, and guess what, we got you.

Tripods: Comparing Top Tripods for Video and Filmmaking

Gimbals: The Best Smartphone Gimbals and Stabilizers in 2018

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External Microphones: Recommended External Microphones for Vloggers


2. Learn, learn and learn

Learn from your favourite vlogger/youtuber

There must be certain reasons why you fell in love with your favourite vlogger or youtuber. Make a list of the reasons and watch their videos again, but this time try to analyze how did they make you love them. Learn their techniques and use them for your video to get started, once skilled, you will find yourself free from those rules.

List of top youtubers>>

Learn from online resources and lessons

Simply start recording is not the way, there are more for you to learn to get the best scene. Lighting, composition, white balance, and even the use of lenses, the road of becoming a good vlogger is a journey of learning. Fortunately, there are many online resources and lessons out there.

Videography courses: Udemy



Learn from mentor/school

Find a mentor if possible or more advanced option for you is go and learn filmmaking at school, you could even earn a degree of it. This may sound crazy, however, it will convert your from an amateur to an ultimate professional.


3. Find your style

Record your spark moments, or all the meaningful events and things in your life and keep the things you’ve learned in mind. Try all the possible way you can think to take the video and once you get used to one or two styles, stick to it, let it be your style.

4.Tell your story

Your video is not the monitor and therefore, you should determine your goal for the finished product before you proceed. Use your camera as your pen to write the story.

5. Master video editing

Video editing is the final step, yet not an easy one, for your video. It could be time-consuming and exhausted, however, when you get the notification that the project has been successfully exported and saves, nothing could compare.

Sam Kolder is known for his amazing editing techniques, check his most popular video below.

And learn how to do this!

Editing on the go:

Top Free Online Video Editors (Beginner Friendly)

LumaFusion: Overview of Top Mobile Video Editing App

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