Leica Releases Elpro 52 Close-up Lens for Leica M and TL-lenses

Leica Elpro 52 lens attachment for macrophotography

This week, Leica released the Elpro 52; a close-up lens for macro photography. Using the Elpro 52 you can get sharper close-up images with your M and TL lenses.

This accessory lens works as an attachment for over 20 different Leica M and TL lenses. View all compatible lenses here.

  • Available for pre-order at a price of $395.00

  • Compatible with 20+ Leica M and TL Lenses (natively fits all 52mm filter threads)

  • Includes two-stepping ring adapters for 46 and 49 mm sizes

Leica Elpro 52 for macrophotography

The lens is comprised of two cemented lens elements with anti-reflective multi-coating. Leica states: “This ensures images are crisp, sharp and practically free from chromatic aberrations. The Elpro 52 makes it possible to capture impressively detailed, close-up images with a newfound level of depth using lenses you already own.”

Leica Elpro 52 Sample Photos

Below you can see sample photos taken with the new Leica Elpro 52. Credit: Peter Karbe / Leica Camera AG

Leica Elpro 52 sample photo

Leica Elpro 52 sample photo

elpro sample photo

leica elpro 52 sample photo macro

The Elpro 52 is currently available for pre-order at a price of $395.00 through Leica’s website. The Elpro 52 Set is supplied with two-stepping ring adapters for 46 and 49 mm sizes and is packaged in a leather case.

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