50+ Inspiring Photos with Light Leaks

50+ Inspiring Photos with Light Leaks

A light leak is an area within a camera where light is able to seep in creating a flare or colorful light effect. It basically causes the film to overexpose resulting in a bright spot on your photo. It creates beautiful colors and blends of light that make your photos look really interesting.

Light leaks were traditionally created in old cameras, and were considered flaws due to issues with the camera or camera body. They are now pretty sought after and are often done in post-processing software because many cameras have fixed this small error.

Below are more than 50 photos we found inspiring that have light leak effects in them. If you enjoy the post, please consider sharing it, you can easily hover over any image to pin it.

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light leak photography inspiration

light leaks

light leaks in nature

light leaks in the city


light leak photography

light leaks in photography

light leak


Light Leaks

camera light leaks

light leak flare

light leak on beach

lens flare light effect

forest sun

image with light leak

light leak portrait

light leaks at the pier

light leak polaroid camera

light leak bokeh effect

cool light leak effect

analog light leak

light leak flares

long exposure light leak

subtle light leak

harsh light leak

vintage light leak

sail boats with a light leak

light leak photography inspiration

aerial light leaks

light leaks

nature photography light leak

red light leak

vintage ocean photo

accidental light leak

light flares

vintage photo with light leaks

skater light leaks

sun flare light leak

garden light leak

multiple light leaks

vintage ferris wheel

sun spot

filter light leak

subtle light leak

retro light leak

retro photo light leak

light leaks at a dock

cold light leak

tropical light leak

light leak at the beach

light flares

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