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When you are a creative staying on top of projects, jotting down your next big idea, and keeping clients and teams on track is a challenging job. You can use various apps and tools to help stay organized, but jumping back and forth from one to another will often lead to details getting lost or forgotten. Milanote was designed to keep everything in one functional place. Here, you will learn why you should get started using Milanote for creative projects and bring your next artistic vision to life. 

What Is Milanote?

Milanote is an organization tool that does more than gets your ideas out of your head. There are various features to help outline projects, create visuals to refer to, and even collaborate with teams. You can capture ideas, sort projects, and save images, links, and text to whiteboards. Its interface resembles a scrapbook style for displaying information but gives you the freedom to move things around. The drag and drop features make it incredibly easy to learn and navigate. 

How to Use Milanote

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Milanote utilizes cards to which you can add images, text, and links. Each card is placed on a whiteboard, similar to adding documents to a folder. Connect the cards on your boards when information can be used for various projects or processes. You can color-code cards to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

The cards use a Markdown syntax layout. Add headings, change the text to bold or italics. You can create checkboxes, bullet, or numbered lists, and include additional notes at the bottom of each card. It also allows you to organize and rearrange cards in a way that works for you. Your projects will be clearly visualized from beginning to end.  

You can send Milanote links to team members or clients so they can view cards. You have control over who can see and access the cards. If you want to keep some ideas private there are options to do this. 

Key Features

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

There is so much you can store and use Milanote for:

  • Write notes
  • Create to-do lists
  • Save images
  • Import file
  • Save articles and links from the internet. 

You can also export to a number of other programs so they are easily accessible by you and others. Files can be downloaded as plain text, word document, PDF files, PDF canvas, or as Markdown Text.

Another thing to like about Milanote, are the hundreds of templates you can use to stay organized. The templates will make it easier for you to work on many different projects. There are templates to write briefs, create vision boards,

Milanote is cloud-based it autosaves and backs up everything you add instantly. When your power cuts out unexpectedly you can rest assured that what you were just working on will still be there when you get back online. 

There is a free version of Milanote that lets you save up to 100 notes and allows for 10 file uploads. You can create unlimited boards and share them. Paid upgrades are also available.

  • The Pay Per Person tier gives you unlimited notes, file uploads, and shared boards. It also includes a search feature to look for additional boards and content. It will cost you around $10 a month if you opt to pay annually or a little over $12 if you pay month to month.
  • The Upgrade Your Team option. If you have teams of ten or more people that need to access boards and have the ability to edit in Milanote, this is an option to consider. You get everything included in the Pay Per Person tier as well as priority support, so if anything were to not function properly you can rest assured that any question and issues will be resolved quickly so you can get back to work. This option will run you close to $50 a month for up to 10 team members to use. There is no option to pay month to month.

Who Is Milanote For?

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Milanote is designed with creatives in mind, but that isn’t all who will find it useful. Anyone who has a number of remote teams to keep updated will find the layout and ease of use to keep everyone better organized. If you are looking for a tool to keep you organized, on schedule with projects, or a space to store your ideas this is the app for you. 

Those who need to visually see the steps of a project from start to finish will find a lot of value with this tool. Instead of having to take up space in your office or home to map out a project, you can easily create an online version. The ability to do this with multiple projects at the same time allows you to focus your attention on specific projects when you need to.

If you are familiar with a number of other tools like Dropbox, Zapier, Google Sheets, Evernote, Zoho Desk, Google Drive, Trello you will find Milanote offers you features of all these. 

The Downside of Milanote

Image by athree23 from Pixabay

While there is a lot to love about Milanote, there are still some things that could be improved.

  1. The Markdown features of Milanote are easy to use, though they do have limitations. You can’t nest lists and you can only add H1 Headings. You can’t nest lists and you can only include tables using the column cards, which still don’t allow for actual tables but instead to add other cards too. 
  2. While you can invite teams to collaborate using Milanote only one person can edit the cards at a time. When you share links you can only share them as read-only, so clients can only review the information they can’t make any edits to the cards. 
  3. Milanote can only be used online. If you are working offline you won’t be able to look over your cards. But, you can export what you need prior to going offline to make use of the cards at any time. 
  4. There is no mobile App, but you can access your account through your mobile device’s internet browser. 
  5. You cannot add tags to your boards or notes. If you want to browse through a specific category for notes. For example, if you save a lot of recipes you can’t add a tag to them if they are gluten-free, keto-friendly, or include specific ingredients like chocolate. Being able to add tags would instantly give you all the notes that fit into the criteria that you are searching for. 
  6. The plans seem a little pricey compared to other tools that have similar features. Though you would need to pay for multiple tools to get the same features that milestone provides. 

Final Thoughts…

Milanote for creative projects is a great online tool to get organized, save useful information, and collaborate on various projects. You have a lot of freedom for how all these notes get organized and shared. While it may be lacking in some key features that would take it to the next level, it also keeps the user interface simple. 

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