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23 Minimal Photographers to Follow on Instagram

23 Minimal Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Minimal photography is a growing trend in the photographic world these days. Sometimes the simplest photos have the most impact and a large portion of the Instagram community is keen on sharing photos of this nature. In light of this, I’ve decided to create a list of my favorite minimal photographers and share their Instagram as well as a quick excerpt about each one.

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1. Katelyn Sabatine

Katelyn Sabatine is the golden example of minimal photography. Her Instagram feed is full of minimal images featuring, you guessed it, coffee and cookies. Not only that, but she has an amazing style and some beautiful vintage hints in her photos.

2. Veera Kønni

Similar to Katelyn’s feed, Veera perfectly depicts the minimal style. To compliment her excellent style she is fantastic at using light and shade to add depth to her images making them that much more intriguing.

3. Patricia Romero

Minimal taken to the extreme, with a twist. Some of Patricia’s amazing photos feature a tinted, pale color along with images flipped, tilted, or twisted. Pretty cool if you ask me.

4. Siham Hamdan

Minimal is Siham’s middle name. From fashion to style, she is an expert of capturing simple, but attractive photos.

5. Marine Montironi

Beauty blogger and photographer Marine Montironi has an excellent eye for attractive minimal shots. In her feed you’ll find a fair share of fashion, cats, and chocolate.

6. Noelle Kramer

Pittsburgh native, Noelle Kramer, has an eye for style, with a minimal touch. Her feed is filled with beautifully colors and subtle photos.

7. Isabel Sasse

Contrary to the previous photographers, Isabel’s style of minimal photography features a wide variety of colors and elements which makes it all the better. She is an insanely talented eighteen year old photographer who’s feed consists of a healthy dose of food, flowers, and other minimal-esque photos.

8. Amanda Shadforth

Amanda is a Creative Director and the creator of Oracle Fox, one of the largest personal style blogs in the world. Her work holds true to that. She is a fantastic photographer with an eye for exceptional minimal photography.

9. Sa Belle Vie

An amazing taste for minimal photography with excellent crops, Sa Belle Vie has a beautiful feed that would make any minimalist happy.

10. Cay Mae

365 Days a year Cay takes beautiful minimal shots without missing a beat. She is one of the more talented minimal photographers I’ve found with excellent composition skills.

11. Dennis Schoof

Documenting his adventures in Germany, Dennis has a wonderful minimalist feed featuring architecture, bikes, and more.

12. Carlos Copertone

Minimal photography applied to architecture. Carlos is a very talented minimal photographer with a good eye for the sleek edges and designs around him.

13. Janske

When it comes to minimal nature photograph, Janske is one of the best. Featuring landscapes and objects from around the world, it is a must follow account.

14. Michele Grimaz

If you love minimal photos from beaches, Michele is the photographer to follow. His style is chill and features a wide range of blue tones.

15. Thatsval

A minimal photographer with a great eye for color and light, Valentina shares an excellent feed of subtle and simple photographs.

Put your heart into it #sticky_walls

A photo posted by @thatsval on

16. Scott Rankin

Vancouver based photographer Scott Rankin is a fantastic photographer of nature. His minimal shots of epic landscapes and scenes in the nature around him make his account one of my favorites.

17. Gabriel Flores

Not your typical minimal photographer. Gabriel’s photos have incredibly depth and detail, but are all focused on darker tints and tones adding a minimal aspect to them. Being a fiend for all things vintage, his feed really intrigued me.

18. The Happy Hunters

Katie and Elise, a team of explorers, document their amazing journey and share some incredibly minimal photos along the way. They also have an awesome blog called TheHappyHunters where you can find them.

19. SenaPonin

SenaPonin has a unique minimal style of photography that compliments the portraits an photographs of people in the feed. It is a lovely account to follow for beautiful photography with a touch of minimal.

20. Laura Pritchett

Minimal in every sense, Laura Pritchett is one of the most talented photographers around. With a keen attention to detail and gorgeous lighting, her feed is an excellent one to keep an eye on.

21. Instantly Framed

A beautiful feed and a beautiful app. Instantly Framed is a cool app that helps you frame photos directly from your iPhone. Not to mention they have an amazing taste in photography.

22. Timothy McGurr

I use the term minimal loosely at this point, but couldn’t pass up featuring Timothy. His work is so clean and I am obsessed with his style. Call it whatever you want, but I think it has a slightly minimal aspect to it.

23. Dan Cole

Dan Cole’s work is out of this world. I consider him to be a king of leading lines based off of his work. He extends upon his photography on his Tumblr.

If you made it this far down the post, you’re a champ. Who is your favorite minimal photographer on Instagram? Comment below.

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