Top 6 Mobile Presets for Food Photography

Top Mobile Presets for Food Photography

When the food is served, what is the first thing you will do? Most likely, take out your phone and let the cameras taste the delicious food first, at least I’ll do that. After the pictures are well taken, what you need is a set of food presets to edit the photos. Food photography is not all about warm tones and blurry backgrounds, there are many ways to make your food images look even better!

No matter what kind of food you are taking pictures of, coffee, bakery, sweets, beverage, they could all fall into these handpicked food mobile presets. Want to take food photos that win tons of likes? Check out Food Photography Secrets 101

1. Foodiesfeed Lightroom Mobile Presets

These awesome presets created by food photographer Jakub Kapusnak, the founder of Foodiesfeed, a resource of awesome naturally-looking food photos that are completely free to download. He created these for his own needs and has applied them to a majority of his own food photos. These presets were made to make the food really “pop”. As he explains in his guest post, the human eye is very sensitive to details and that’s why his presets almost always increase sharpness and clarity quite heavily.

If you like Jakub’s style which can be seen on Foodiesfeed, you’re definitely going to love using his presets as well. You can also check out some free Photoshop Actions for food photos by Jakub here.


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Erika Soler

2. Neo Sweet Theme Mobile Lightroom Presets

These 5 vivid and colorful mobile presets are from 3Motional Studio. They are crafted to add a sweet candy vibe to your photos which make them perfect for food pictures.

This Mobile preset Package has been carefully constructed by a professional photographer so they will look good with many different types of photo and camera brand. And these presets have been tested on different photos and they work well on many of them.

3. Gentle Pastel Mobile LR Presets

Another great value presets pack from 3Motional Studio. These soft hues and minimal pastel lifestyle themed mobile presets will give your images a beautiful color lift with tones of white. Try them on the cupcakes and candy photos you take, you will get dreamy food photos you always want.

4. 360º MyBeautifulPresets Lightroom Bundle for Mobile & Desktop

Created by Marcel Dornis who is a German designer and his message for the world is to share beautiful moments. “Share some love with great presets.” by his own words.

In this bundle, Marcel created 30 different presets for all the popular photo categories, and of course, the food. The food presets designed to make the color pop and at the same time add more details. And the filters for your favorite coffee time is also included! Make that beans shine!

Get this bundle before the SALE ends!!

5. Matt Larson Lightroom Mobile Presets

The latest work from popular travel and lifestyle photographer, Matt Larson, who is also the best seller of our site. These incredible presets are great for adding the bright vacation vibe to your photos. This new product fits everything, try this on any food photos you took and be ready to say “WOW”! You won’t regret to have a set of beautiful presets ready on your phone for your delicious food and more than a delicious vacation.

6. Bankpyt LR Mobile Filter


If you like film and vintage, you will love this selection of the best and most popular photo styles from Bankpyt’s collection. Bankpyt, also known as Piyatat Primtongtrakul, has brought his vintage and film style for underexposure photos to the table in this amazing bundle. These filters work great for coffee and food, especially bakery. Don’t worry about taking food photos on a cloudy day, let the presets do the rest of the work.

If you enjoyed this article, feel free to share and let us know in the comments what other presets you would like to use so we can continue to help find the best Lightroom Presets for you! :)

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