Top 7 Mobile Presets for Travel Photographers

Rounding up the top mobile presets for the Lightroom CC app. Find beautiful travel filters below.

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1. @guillepixl 15 Mobile + PC Lightroom Presets Bundle

A bundle of exceptional landscape and lifestyle photo filters from @guillepixl. The presets work great for the basics such as colors, saturation, highlights, tone-curves, etc. These presets perform amazingly in a huge variety of light conditions and different subjects. style. So, what are you waiting to bring your post photos to the next level?


“Alright these are definitely a must have if your are looking forward to improve your editing in Lightroom. Simple, just go for it guys!! “


“I bought them a few weeks ago and I’m so happy that I decided to buy these instead of the other ones! They are definitely worth the money :)”



2. @tashlanov.v – 18 Moscow Vibes Lightroom Presets

This preset pack was created by Russian content creator, Vladimir Tashlanov. Best used for travel, urban and city photography, this pack features warm tones, cool moody looks, and many other detailed edits! And please, don’t forget about manual settings for every shot: adjust exposure and contrast, play a bit with the balance of whites and shadows to achieve the perfect light!

Plus, this product is on SALE!


3. Matt Larson Lightroom Mobile Presets

The latest work from popular travel and lifestyle photographer, Matt Larson. These incredible presets are great for adding the vacation vibe to your photos. This new product fits everything, try this on any photos you took and be ready to say “WOW”! Matt’s travel adventures and wonderful explorations have inspired him to create some insanely beautiful presets for you! Use them on any travel, landscape, portrait, beach photos or food photos and you will create some lovely photos.

4. Nick Verbelchuk Mobile Lightroom Presets

This beautiful bundle of presets was custom made by photographer Nick Verbelchuk! They are the perfect presets for inspirational, warm photos and on-the-go edits. These filters are ideal for all of your travel and lifestyle photos! Whether you are shooting portraits, landscapes, or memories around you, this diverse collection is sure to get your photos looking clean and professional. With a wide variety of options, you are bound to find the perfect preset for your photo!


5. @tashlanov.v – 12 Nature Travel LR Presets & Mobile

Another preset pack created by Russian content creator, Vladimir Tashlanov. Best used for nature and travel photography. Each of these filters is unique in its own special way: from warm to cold tones, from gloss shine to vintage style. Nevertheless, they won’t be much out of the common overall color scheme of your profile, if you would use them all together in the Instagram grid.


6. Jackson Groves 2019 Mobile Presets

Inside of this collection, you will find 14 handcrafted presets created and put together by travel photographer Jackson Groves. These are his go-to presets for editing photos of his adventures around the world. The purpose of the presets is to enhance your photos and speed up your editing process. These presets are suited for tropical, sunny locations, hikes, jungle settings and drone photos. Perfect for beachgoers, outdoor adventurers, hikers and island adventurers. 


These presets are amazing! Some of my original photographs from my traveling didn’t do it justice until these brought out life in them. Very happy with this purchase



7. Jordan Hammond Mobile Lightroom Presets

This mobile preset collection is created by Jordan Hammond’s. This pack includes 15 custom presets specifically designed for Lightroom Mobile, including adaptations of presets from Jordan’s Asia and Europe collections, as well as others he uses in day-to-day editing. Try to play around with temperature, exposure and white balance to get the best effects for your travel photos.

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