Moment Introduces New Tele 58mm Smartphone Lens

Moment Tele 58mm Smartphone Lens

Moment announced their newest lens for smartphones, the Moment Tele 58mm Lens. A modern and improved mobile photography lens made for the latest phones with dual-camera features.

  • Moment 58mm tele lens starting at $79.99 (on sale from $99.99) in the Moment Store.

  • The ‘first telephoto lens designed for the latest iPhone, Pixel, and Galaxy phones’

  • Created for: Portraits, Dramatic Landscapes, Travel, and Sports photography

  • Capture 2x on a dual lens phone (~ 58mm equivalent) and 4x on a dual lens phone (~ 120mm equivalent)

moment 58mm tele lens for mobile photography

Photo: Moment

Moment’s Improved Telephoto Lens

Designed for full compatibility on new dual camera phones, Moment’s new 58mm telephoto can capture sharper photos at 2x zoom (~58mm equivalent).  Users can work with the Moment Pro Camera app to get better photos, especially with the new 58mm lens. The app let’s you shoot in 2x and 4x zoom using the new lens, and can even capture cinematic video!

Tech Specs

The lens weighs 73.1g and measures ~40mm in diameter so it isn’t too clunky or heavy for mobile photography pros who want to shoot all day. With a clean optical design, the 58mm is crisp and offers minimal distortion and chromatic aberration.

Moment recommends using their newest telephoto lens for a number of different types of mobile photography, such as:

  1. Portraits: The 58mm focal length is ideal for capturing faces in compelling and flattering compositions.

  2. Dramatic Landscapes: Focus on the details with tightly cropped landscapes, especially on dual lens phones.

  3. Travel: Get closer to the local views without the trek, while maintaining a crystal clear image.

  4. Sports: Use over the tele lens on dual lens phones to get closer to the action with a 100mm+ focal length.

Photos Shot on the New Telephoto Lens

Moment did a field test with the new 58mm telephoto lens and got some epic photos showing off the quality. Photography by Taylor Pendleton.

moment 58mm telephoto lens sample photos

Photo: Moment

moment tele 58mm lens

Photo: Moment

moment tele 58mm lens sample photo

Photo: Moment

moment telephoto smartphone lens

Photo: Moment

moment telephoto lens new

Photo: Moment

Pricing & Availability

Moment is debuting their new tele 58mm lens at $79.99, 20% off from $99.99 through 11/16/2018.

You can purchase the Moment Tele 58mm Lens from the Moment website. View the Moment store on Amazon.

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