What are the Most Reliable SD Cards for Cameras?

reliable SD cards and microSD cards

SD cards comes in all different capacities, speeds, and formats and it can be intimidating choosing from the thousands of options. An SD card is essential for all photographers and videographers because what is the point of shooting if you cannot save it? This article is to help narrow down the sea of SD cards to the top options available on the market right now. Use this list to find the best SD card that is right for you.

Best SD Cards & Micro SD Cards

SanDisk Extreme PRO SD UHS-I

sandisk 256gb sd card

Manufacturer Photo: Amazon

SanDisk is a brand that has been in the memory game for a long time and has many different types of storage from SSD’s to USB flash drives. Odds are you own some kind of SanDisk product. The Extreme Pro UHS I is a fantastic SD card that has read speeds up to 95 megabytes per second and write speeds up to 90 MBS. The UHS I is capable of all types of video including 4K video.The UHS I is shockproof, waterproof, and temperature proof making it an extremely durable card suitable for all environments. The USH I 256GB version is currently on sale for $88 and comes in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB 128GB, and 256GB sizes.

SanDisk Extreme Pro SD USH II


Manufacturer Photo: SanDisk

The UHS II is the predecessor to the UHS I that is more than twice as fast as the UHS I. The UHS II values speed more than capacity with read speeds up to 300MBS and write speeds up to 260MBS. The only downside to this SD card is that it has lower storage space that maxes out at 128GB. This card also is designed to capture up to 4K video and supports full HD video. The UHS II features the same durability as the UHS I making it just as durable. The UHS II also features RescuePro a recovery software tool that makes it easy to recover files that you may have accidentally deleted. If you value speed over capacity then the UHS II is the right SD for you.

Lexar Professional 633x

Manufacturer Photo: Amazon

The Lexar Pro 633x has very modest write speeds up to 45MBS, but supports read speeds up to 95MBS. The transfer speed makes up for the slower write speeds. The transfer speed allows you to transfer files very quickly between devices when you are on the go. Lexar also offers a limited lifetime warranty to cover any damages to your card. This card supports 4K video and is ideal for DSLR users and has a capacity up to 512GB.

Lexar Professional 1000x

Manufacturer Photo: Amazon

The Lexar Pro 1000x is one of the fastest SD cards on the market featuring read transfer speeds up 150MBS. The 1000x captures high quality 4K video and full 1080p quality. The 1000x has up to 256GB capacity and that allows you to shoot for longer without switching SD cards. The 1000x also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Samsung EVO Plus (micro SD)

Manufacturer Photo: Amazon

If you’re looking for a micro-SDXC card with an adapter, the Samsung EVO Plus is one of the best all around options. It features a nice balance of speed and capacity. The EVO Plus comes up 20 265GB capacity and has 80MBS write and read speeds that is designed for performance. The card is fully capable of recording full HD video and supports high resolution photos. This SD card is also compatible with micro SDxC slots giving it extra functionality with more cameras.

Samsung Pro 32GB

32gb samsung sd card pro

Manufacturer Photo: Amazon

The Samsung Pro SD has great read speeds at 90MBS and 80MBS write speed giving it great value. The Pro is waterproof, temperature proof, X Ray proof, and magnetic proof protecting it from all threats that could damage it. The speeds on this camera make it great for DSLR cameras and also provides great performance for high definition videos. One of the downsides to this SD card is that it does not support 4K video.

Samsung EVO Select (micro SD)

samsung evo select

Manufacturer Photo: Samsung

The EVO select is a great budget SD card that has 100MBS read speeds and 60MBS write speeds. This micro-SD card supports 4K video and high resolution photo for all your shooting needs. The best part is the price of the 256GB for only $50. With this storage space you can amass up to 3 hours of 4K video and 8.5 hours of full HD video or 14,000 photos. The EVO select has a 10 year warranty and is compatible with most cameras and other products such as laptops and drones.

PNY Elite Performance

Manufacturer Photo: Amazon

The PNY Elite is a class 10 UHS I that supports 95MBS read and write speed that is ideal for high performance photography. The PNY Elite allows for burst mode shooting and that supports 4K ultra HD video. This is the largest SD card in the list featuring up to 512GB capacity. This is the ideal card if you want fast performance, but also the option to store large amounts of photo and video.

Transcend SDXC

Manufacturer Photo: Amazon

The SDXC is the second Transcend SD to make the list and is the fastest SD card on the list. The SDXC has blistering fast speeds of 285MBS read and 180MBS write speeds putting it in a speed class above the rest of the list. The only downside to this card is the limited capacity storage available. The SDXC is only available in 32GB and 64GB formats.

Kingston 64GB microSDHC Action Card

kingston technology microsd

Manufacturer Photo: Amazon

The Kingston Action micro SD card is designed for action cameras and will allow you to shoot 30 frames per second in 4K or 240 frames per second in HD quality. The Kingston has read and write speeds of 90MBS and 45MBS. This card is ideal for action cameras and fun sports cams such as GoPro, Polaroid Cube+Nikon KeyMission 360, Yi 4K+, and more. Kingston also guarantees performance of at least 30MBS giving you enough bandwidth to record and playback 4K video without interruption. Includes SD adapter and has 16GB-64GB capacities.

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