Most Useful Social Media KPIs to Track Infographic

As more and more users join social networks, the need to build a strong social media marketing strategy grows. But how can you best measure your success?

KPIs, short for Key Performance Indicators. These are the metrics startups and large companies alike use to track their growth. Whether it is sales, revenue, traffic, clicks. All companies focus on certain KPIs to see how they are performing.

So which ones are the most important to track with your social media efforts? This excellent infographic from Brafton highlights the most important KPIs to track for social media.

Important Social Media KPIs to Track

View the field guide to social media KPIs from Brafton to see how you can track your social media growth. These key performance indicators will give you more context so you can take action!

social media kpis brafton infographic

If this infographic was helpful to you, check out the full social media KPIs guide from Brafton here. There is some really insightful information in there, especially on identifying vanity metrics versus actionable metrics. The guide also breaks down each KPI featured above and expands on what they are and how to easily track them.

What are you doing to grow your social media presence in the coming year?

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