New Hampshire Hiking Adventures around Lonesome Lake

Lonesome Lake New Hampshire

A few weeks ago I had the chance to hike around Lonesome Lake in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Below are the photos from our hiking adventures! See more on my Instagram.

river pools in New Hampshire

Crossing rivers on the way up the mountain to Lonesome lake. This was one of two or three river crossings we encountered on the way up. We didn’t have much trouble with the first river bed, but as we got further up, and especially on the way back down, we ran into some trickier crossings!

man hiking New Hampshire river mountain forest

The epic view when we first walked out from the forest and off the trail to Lonesome Lake. The first thing you see is this massive and beautiful lake, surrounded by immense mountains and thick forests. On a hot summer day the lake is a welcome sight.

Lonesome Lake, NH

Lonesome Lake, New Hampshire

When crossing the bridge, you can see a stream leading further down the mountain. It was pretty beautiful. Especially after a long hike through the woods and river beds up the mountain. The White Mountains are endlessly amazing and every part of the hike led to a new adventure. Something new to see and feel.

streams through the white mountains, New Hampshire

The Hike Continues

After we took in the initial view of the lake a bit, we decided to hike around Lonesome Lake entirely. The trail turns into a wooden plank path that goes all the way around the lake. You literally get the walk through the vegetation and forests, swampy wetlands, and around the lake on this small, wooden trail. It’s surreal and beautiful. Even in the 90° summer heat.

hiking around Lonesome Lake, New Hampshire

Hiking along, not a care in the world.

walking around Lonesome Lake in New Hampshire

Rich, thick forests in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

thick forest, New Hampshire

The clouds cutting through the mountains and over the lake made it all the more dramatic and beautiful. Lonesome Lake was a truly special hike.

lonesome lake views in New Hampshire

thick forest hike in New Hampshire, white mountains

New Hampshire Hiking Adventures around Lonesome Lake

Crystal clear amber brown rivers in the backcountry of New Hampshire. It was nice to take a dip in these streams after hiking along the rocks for hours.

mountain rivers in New Hampshire

If I could do it all over again, I’d got to the White Mountains again ten times out of ten. It is well worth the sweat and struggles to get to the amazing lakes and mountain streams. If you’ve been thinking of going, take the time to do it! You won’t regret it.

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