Everbloom Mobile Video Editing App Launches

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Video editing, videography, filmmaking, cinematography – whatever you want to call it. We all know it’s been growing an growing, and now that everyone has a smart phone, it’s hard not to try your hand at making your very own cool videos. Everbloom, a new video editing app for creating professional videos on your mobile device within minutes, instead of hours.

We give users the tools made to simplify the part of the video editing process that people can find frustrating. Users will experience various benefits when creating with Everbloom. These benefits range from – one tap video story creation, hand-crafted video layouts, aesthetic filters, unique effects and many more customization tools.

Press Kit

Today we’re excited to announce the new video editing tool that can help you transform your footage in no time and all from the comfort of your phone or tablet – Everbloom.

The Story Behind Everbloom

So you’re probably curious about Everbloom itself, but in order to understand the app itself, you’ll need to learn about the team behind it first!

Everbloom founders, Lukas Runte and Erik Sigblad, partnered with influential photographer, Bryant Eslava (@bryant) to create a new video editing app ‘with the intent to provide users exclusive video style collections, made to elevate video stories shared across various platforms online. Together with Bryant, the creators of Everbloom hope to spark creativity, elevate the storyteller and celebrate individuality through video creation.’

Erik Sigblad (left) & Lukas Runte (right), founders of Everbloom
Bryant Eslava, Professional Photographer & Everbloom Co-Founder

Everbloom is here to empower the creators, says Runte, ‘That’s the inspiration behind our app, to minimize the complex and repetitive work of content creation, in order to give people more time to focus on their creativity” Lukas Runte, CEO of Everbloom.

What to Expect From This New App

With video editing and content creation in general, many steps can become repetitive, even tedious over time. Everbloom will help video creators of all levels to improve their edits without having to create each individual transition, overlay, or effect every single time. It’s here to simplify the editing process, and bring it to your phone or tablet!

Check out what the easy-to-use app looks like below:

Download Everbloom NOW!

If you’re ready to start improving your edits in no time without having to buy new cameras and equipment, download Everbloom today!

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