Nikon Release ‘Z5’ Full-Frame, Mirrorless Camera

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Just a week ago, Nikon released a press statement about a new, mirrorless camera that they were bringing to the market! The new model is titled the ‘Nikon Z5’ and is “A basic model that enriches creative activities with the superior power of expression and reliability of the Nikon Z mount system” (Nikon)

The All New Nikon Z5

So what can we expect from the new Z5? With the new, mirrorless camera, you can expect the same professional quality that you’ve come to know with the Nikon brand, but now with more range of motion and versatility.

Here are some of the main features that we’re excited to try out:

  1. Superior image quality and power of expression of the Nikon Z series
  2. Capture your subject as intended with Eye-Detection AF/Animal-Detection AF and a 273-point hybrid AF system
  3. Superior operation and a variety of functions that support comfortable shooting
  4. Silent photography that eliminates shutter sounds with shooting
  5. High-Speed Frame Capture enables high-speed continuous shooting of still images with movie live view display, with AF/AE tracking*1
  6. + NEW Live Streaming Capabilities

When Can We Expect to Get Our Hands on the Nikon Z5?

You’re in luck! You can buy the NEW Nikon Z5 right now. :)

>> Click Here to Buy the NEW Nikon Z5 <<

Nikon Z5 Price

The New Z5 will be priced at $1,399 by Nikon if you are purchasing the body only; or you can purchase a lens kit for more depending on which lens you choose!

The 24-200mm lens kit costs $2,199 and you can purchase it here.

The 24-50mm lens kit costs $1,699 and you can purchase it here.

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