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Tips for Organizing Photoshop Actions

Tips for Organizing Photoshop Actions

Photoshop actions are incredibly useful. They can save you a bunch of time and money that you’d otherwise spend on photo editing. By no means are they a solution to all post-processing, but they are a great start or addition to your post-production process.

However; if they’re unorganized, you’re probably wasting a lot of time in Photoshop. In this post we’ll share every tip we can think of for organizing your Photoshop actions. We’ll go through labeling and naming them, grouping them, and copying/duplicating them.

Naming Photoshop Actions

Labeling your Photoshop actions is the smartest thing you can do. Not only does it help you remember what type of effect each action will create, but it saves you the time and frustration of playing multiple actions before getting the ideal effect. It’s also a super simple task you can do.

Naming Photoshop Actions

In the image above I simple opened a group of Photoshop actions, specifically Retro Series I. I then double clicked the first action and it becomes highlighted and editable. That’s basically it, now you can simply retype what you’d like to name your actions. While many of the FilterGrade actions are named accordingly its always nice to personalize your effects. I suggest naming them how you can best remember their specific effect.

Grouping Photoshop Actions

The next step to organizing Photoshop actions is grouping them and moving them around. This is quite easy and can make your actions panel a whole lot more navigable. Not only that, but it helps you organize your sets of actions based on genre, so to speak.

Selection multiple Photoshop actions.

To start, select a few Photoshop actions that you’d like to group. To select them, click the first, then hold shift and click down to the last in the selection. If you want to randomly select a few different actions, hold the control key and click each actions you’d like.

Group Photoshop Actions

After you’ve made your selection, click the icon shown above and it will open up a new dialogue window.

Grouped Photoshop Actions

In this dialogue box, type in the name for your group of Photoshop actions, and boom you’re done!

Duplicating & Moving Photoshop Actions

Now that you know how to name and group Photoshop actions it might be useful to duplicate them, move them around, and set them up for best efficiency. Duplicating them is pretty simple and can be done a few ways.

How to duplicate Photoshop actions

To duplicate an action simply select it, click the drop-down in the top right of the actions panel, and then click the duplicate button.

Duplicated Photoshop Actions

You can also duplicate groups if you need to. Moving Photoshop actions around simply involves clicking, holding, and dragging them somewhere else. Into a new group, up, down, or anywhere in the actions panel.

Organizing Your Photoshop Actions

Finally now that you’ve learned how to name, group, and duplicate Photoshop actions, it might be useful to organize them. Here are a few tips for organizing Photoshop actions.

  • Group actions. Don’t leave any sitting around by themselves, it gets messy and distracting.
  • Create groups to use as separators. Look at the image above and you’ll see what I mean. All you do is create a group and title it with a bunch of dashes.
  • Then after creating groups, separators and all that organize based on type, quality, etc. It’s up to you, just think of efficiency.
Thanks so much for reading this and keeping up with our Photoshop action tutorials. We’re working on a few more really helpful tips and tutorials, so keep your eyes peeled.

If you’d like to share a quick tip for organizing Photoshop actions, leave a comment! We love learning more about Photoshop and might hook you up with some FilterGrade Actions for free if it’s an awesome tip.

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