Overview of the New Creative Profiles Feature in Lightroom Classic CC

New Creative Profiles feature in Lightroom Classic CC

Adobe just announced a huge new feature in Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC, and Adobe Camera raw: Creative Profiles

With camera and creative profiles, Adobe has improved the way images are rendered in Lightroom/ACR, while also allowing the use of 3D LUTs within the program.

What are Profiles?

A profile is a set of instructions that determines how the information in a file (image) is processed.

According to Adobe, within Lightroom and ACR, a profile is used to render your photograph, converting it from raw camera information into the colors and tones that we see. Camera Profiles help render your RAW photos based on deep imaging science to ensure your photos are converted properly to JPEG and other exporting options.

Profiles are non-destructive and can be changed without loss of quality.

With the latest update, Adobe is adding 6 new Adobe Raw profiles on top of the trusted Adobe Standard profile.

New Adobe Raw Profiles

  1. Adobe Color – ‘ designed to improve look/rendering of warm tones’
  2. Adobe Monochrome – ‘starting point for any black and white photo’
  3. Adobe Portrait – ‘optimized for all skin tones’
  4. Adobe Landscape – ‘designed for landscape photos with more vibrant skies/tones’
  5. Adobe Neutral – ‘provides a starting point with a low amount of contrast’
  6. Adobe Vivid – ‘provides a punchy, saturated starting point’

You can read more about each profile and their specific features on the Adobe Blog.

What are Creative Profiles?

Lightroom creative profiles new feature adobe april 2018

Photo via Adobe

Adobe added 4 new creative profiles groups to Lightroom that you can use. They are: Artistic, Black & White, Modern, and Vintage.

Creative Profiles can be applied to photos whether they are raw or non-raw. With the inclusion of the 3D Lookup Table (LUT) feature, you can have even more control of the effects in creative profiles.

Creative Profiles also includes a new slider called the ‘Amount slider’ that enables you to increase/decrease the effect of the profile to your taste.

How to Use Profiles in Lightroom Classic CC

Adobe makes it easy to access and adjust profiles in the Develop tab.

Within the ‘Basic’ tab, you’ll find the new Adobe Raw Profiles by clicking ‘Profile’. The button to the right with four squares is how you access the Profile browser. The Profile Browser is where you can view the various camera raw profiles along with the artistic, black and white, modern, and vintage creative profiles.

adobe lightroom profile browser

Once you have the Profile Browser open, select a grouping to view the various ‘profiles’ you can apply to your photos. Simply click the profile you would like to use and adjust the amount with the aptly named ‘Amount slider’.

amount slider creative profiles lightroom classic cc

Now that you have your camera/creative profiles selected and adjusted you can close the Profile Browser and jump right back into editing.

Check out the video below to see a complete overview from Julieanne Kost on how to use profiles in Lightroom Classic.

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