Photo Editing Channels to Watch on Youtube

21 Photo Editing Channels to Watch on Youtube

Learning how to edit your photos can be a challenge. Luckily, the internet is full of resources for most topics, photo editing included.

One of my favorite ways to learn post production techniques is to watch. This practice is called observational learning. Essentially it pertains to all learning done through watching or observing others. Many studies cite the benefits of learning from others.

Because of this I figured what better way to improve your photo editing skills than to watch others on Youtube! Below, you can find the best channels for learning Photoshop, Lightroom, and many post processing tips and tricks. Please, leave a comment if I missed any good ones so I can add them!

Adobe Photoshop


One of the best sources for keeping up with everything Photoshop is the official Adobe Photoshop Youtube channel. On it you will find tutorials, updates about Photoshop, and other helpful advice.

Adobe Lightroom


Following suit, the Adobe Lightroom Youtube channel is the best place to keep up with everything Lightroom. From quick tips to full tutorial series, you can find it all.

B&H Photo


B&H has videos about many topics related to photography, cameras, and other equipment. They also offer some great photo editing tutorials and resources to watch.

Photoshop Training Channel


The Photoshop Training Channel is a great resource to utilize as a photographer and Photoshop user. On the channel you’ll find hundreds of interesting videos and tutorials to help you learn photo editing faster.

A.J. Wood


For variety, A.J. Wood is one of the best channels to subscribe to. He has playlists dedicated to individual Adobe programs so you can watch tutorials for whatever program you wish to learn.



We had to drop our channel in the mix. :) On it you can find tutorials for Photoshop and specific photo editing techniques.

Photoshop Elements


Follow tutorials catered towards various versions of Photoshop Elements with this Youtube channel. Curated by program type, you can find and search for tutorials with their playlists.

Good Creative Academy


Great tutorials for designers and photographers on the good creative academy Youtube channel. I really like the immersive aspect of the videos here.

Photoshop Video Academy


Some of the absolute best content I’ve come across about Photoshop has been on this channel. Some really useful techniques are covered in their popular tutorials section.

Cole’s Classroom


Some of the lesser known tips and tricks are covered on Cole’s Classroom and that is what I really love about this channel. You’ll learn practical, sought-after tips that aren’t really discussed on the other photo editing Youtube channels.

Serge Ramelli


Practical photography tutorials along with in-depth editing videos can be found on Serge’s excellent channel. Well worth subscribing to if you are at all interested in Photoshop, Lightroom, and/or photography.

Temperate Sage


If you are interested in fashion and expressive photography, this channel has the absolute best tutorials for you. Some great before/after looks in Photoshop too!

The Photo/Video Show


For a more DIY approach to photography and photo editing, this is a great Youtube channel to watch. Lot’s of cool hacks and tricks on here!

Photoshop CAFE


Photoshop CAFE has some great tutorials and long-form content, but I love their quick tips. The Tip Tuesday playlist has some great quick things to learn in Photoshop.

Lightroom Zen


You can find excellent free Lightroom presets and quick Lightroom tips on this channel. I also recommend looking at the Editing playlist for some good workflow tips in Lightroom.

Photoshop Mama


For more artistic retouching tutorials, I would check out Photoshop Mama. She has some great tips and full length tutorials for retouchers and photo editing amateurs alike.

Jessica Kobeissi


If there is one channel I would recommend this most out of this selection I would pick Jessica’s. She has some of the most in-depth, practical content on retouching and editing fashion photography. Her techniques can apply to so many mediums of design and photography that it is a much watch channel for me.

Kayleigh June


Kayleigh June is another promising fashion and portrait photographer to keep up with on Youtube. Her tutorials are really well done and great to follow along with real time (one of my favorite ways to learn).

Photoshop Video Tutorials


If you want more short and to the point tutorials, Photoshop Video Tutorials is the channel to watch. They have some great quick tips and can be the perfect resource to utilize when learning on the fly.

Photoshop Tutorials


The original Photoshop Tutorials Youtube channel is one of my favorite. They have the most popular tutorials around, and rightfully so. Subscribe to these guys and watch up.

Phlearn Photoshop and Photography Tutorials


Phlearn has some great content on both Photoshop and Lightroom. Follow these tutorials to learn exactly how professionals are using these programs to create stunning photos.

Did we miss any good channels? Leave a comment so we can add them! Also, if you want to keep up with future posts and freebies sign up for the newsletter here.

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