14 Useful Podcasts for Photographers

podcasts for photographers

A podcast could be the best way to learn something new. Curious as to why I’m saying that?

Because the length of podcasts are usually pretty short (typically only 20-40 minutes each). They’re also great, because you can tackle several tasks at once. No videos to watch, blog posts to read, or work to do. Just push play, and you’re listening and learning.

Today I’m sharing 14 of the most useful podcasts for photographers. Some of the best minds in photography are sharing advice, answering your questions, and talking about the latest trends. Why would you want to miss that?

1. Photography Tips from the Top Floor


Tips from the Top Floor is a free, award-winning weekly show about all things photography.

The show is hosted by photographer and instructor Chris Marquardt. No matter if you use a DSLR or a point-and-shoot, with a good sense of humor, Chris Marquardt manages to convey tips for the beginner as well as the professional photographer.

2. The Digital Story


The Digital Story by Derrick Story is a weekly digital photography podcast focused on the tech side of things.

It’s definitely a show for gadget fanatics and fans of all the gear that goes into photography.

3. The Candid Frame


The Candid Frame is a weekly podcast hosted by photographer, former technical engineer for Nikon, and associate editor for an array of photography magazines – Ibarionex Perello.

The podcast is dedicated to conversing with world renowned photographers and learning more from there techniques.

4. Photo Biz Xposed


The Photo Biz Xposed podcast by Andrew Hellmich is well worth a listen for any photographer.

It’s primary focus is the business of photography, particularly for those specializing in portraits and weddings.

5. LensWork


LensWork has been around since 2004. The podcast boasts over 900 episodes and is one of the longest running podcasts in history!

If you pick one podcast to keep up with, choose this one. It has so much value and is completely free.

6. Street Focus


Street Focus is a podcast under the TWiP umbrella, hosted by dPS author, Valerie Jardin.

With each episode, street photographer Valerie Jardin brings you a new facet from the exciting world of street photography. You’ll learn the art, technique, tools and psychology related to this new era of street-wise photojournalism.

7. Photofocus


Professional photographers join Scott Bourne and Richard Harrington to discuss the latest in digital photography and answer questions three times each month on the Photofocus show.

You can also get additional photography information and ask questions that will be answered in the podcast on the website.

8. History of Photography


Curious about the history of photography? Start following the History of Photography podcast by Jeff Curto.

He teaches different time eras in photography history, and dedicates entire class sessions to prominent photographers.

Also check out our post about the best portrait photographers to learn more about famous photographers throughout history.

9. The Art of Photography



The Art of Photography is the premiere video podcast on iTunes about everything photography related.

Ted Forbes produces episodes on diverse topics such as techniques, composition, philosophy, craft, digital photography, film, darkroom techniques and more.

10. On Taking Pictures


On Taking Pictures is a weekly podcast, by Jeffery Saddoris and Bill Wadman. In it, they focus on the art and science of making photographs.

It’s a great show for novices, professionals, and anyone interested in some behind the scenes of photography.

11. The Grid


The Grid is a live talk-show about photography hosted by Kelby Media Group.

Each week features a different guest (in-studio or online) and viewers are encouraged to chime in on the liveblog or via Twitter by adding #TheGridLive to their tweets.

12. The Podcast (Enhanced)



One of the longest running podcasts, the Martin Bailey Photography Podcast provides education and inspiration through a mix of art, technique, interviews, gear reviews and travelogue style episodes.

The reason it is called enhanced is because it is more interactive than a typical podcast. Along the way, you can view photos and examples!

13. Ask Tim Grey


The Ask Tim Grey Podcast provides photographers with answers and commentary on topics that confound and confuse, or are just plain interesting.

Published weekly, each episode revolves around the questions from the prior week’s Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter. Beyond that it features exclusive content and commentary.

14. Sprouting Photographer


Sprouting Photographer is an educational resource to help photographers with the business of being creative.

They have a podcast and blog, where they teach all aspects of how to be the best photographer and entrepreneur.

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Didn’t see your favorite podcast? Leave a comment so we can take a look. Also visit our tutorials section for more useful photography tips and resources.

20 Replies to “14 Useful Podcasts for Photographers”

  1. Andrew says:

    Hey Mike – thanks for including PhotoBizX on this fantastic list, it feels great to be amongst these great shows!

    1. Mike says:

      Well deserved! Thanks for the kind words Andrew. :)

  2. D P says:

    I argue that The Two Hosers Photo Show should be included in this list. Many of the tips and techniques discussed there have stayed with me for a long time. It also follows the journey of one person who knew relatively nothing about photography to he becoming a professional wedding photographer.

    1. Mike says:

      Oh wow, didn’t come across this when searching! Looks like they have a great show. Thanks for sharing Dave.

  3. Rob Mousley says:

    the improvephotography.com podcast really should be on the list. They’re huge and the content is outstanding!

    1. Mike says:

      Missed these guys as well! Sorry about that. Thanks for sharing Rob.

  4. Shlomi Cohen says:

    Thanks for the list! I didnt know quite a few of these.
    I was surprised not to find RAWTalk by Fro Knows Photo on it, though. His podcast is really high-end with both audio and video versions. They have a weekly photo news section, they have cool prizes every episode, a lot of fun and photography related humor. They also accept questions from listeners and go in depth about various aspects of photography and business related subjects. Check them out!

    1. Mike says:

      Oh, good call! I actually have come across Fro Knows Photo before, but did not know he also had an audio podcast (which this post focused on). I’ll check it out now though. Thanks for the heads up Shlomi!

  5. Lance King says:

    Great list! Some new ones (to me) I need to check out, too.

    One you should consider adding is my favorite: The Film Photography Podcast. Funny and educational, and it’s all about old school film photography. They cover everything from the humble 110 camera to large format to instant film. Definitely worth a listen!

    1. Mike says:

      Thanks Lance!

      I’m a huge, HUGE fan of film/analog photography. Checking their podcast out now. :)

  6. The Petapixel Podcast with Sharkey James is great! Give it a listen!

    1. Mike says:

      Thanks Parham! Going to check that out.

  7. Shane says:

    Sprouting Photographer is great! They helped me tons when I was just starting out.

    1. Mike says:

      Yeah, totally agree. So much useful business advice on their blog. Thanks for the comment Shane!

  8. Hi Mike,

    May you also consider AdoramaTV’s podcast? it is full of inspiring stories.


    1. Mike says:

      Thanks, haven’t listened to that podcast yet! Can you recommend any good episodes to check out?

  9. Dan Morris says:

    The Wedding Street Podcast is about wedding and street photograph. With guest speakers from all over the world. Hope you’ll like it :)

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