03 oxford – @alexjeverett


03 oxford – @alexjeverett

Creator: @alexjeverett

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With this purchase, you will receive one of Seattle wedding photographer Alex Everett’s seven most-used presets. This one is ideal for muting the most saturated parts of your image and creating that flat, film look – which can be paired with some upped saturation for an even, colorful color profile.

Alex Everett is a 20-year-old student athlete and business owner who is in his third year of photographing weddings.

His photography and editing style is focused on the production of images that emulate real colors among deep blacks and  crisp whites that offer a feeling of classiness & timelessness.

This preset on it’s own is perfect for anyone looking for that clean & saturated color balance.

This product is compatible with only Lightroom Mobile.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Turn up the exposure, and slowly lift the whites.
    1. Bring down the highlights if needed.
  2. Double-tap the temperature balance to reset & begin working with a neutral/blank slate!
  3. Dial the saturation on the individual colors to your liking, and increase the overall saturation.
  4. Copy & paste the preset (or alterations of it) on multiple photos

Learn how to install your preset(s) here.

Learn more about Alex at his website or by following him on Instagram, @alexjeverett.


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