10 Lightroom Presets by @simpalao


10 Lightroom Presets by @simpalao

Creator: Giacomo Aguzzoni

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Natural Enhancements for Adobe Lightroom

These presets were created by the inspiring travel and adventure photographer @simpalao, while exploring the wonderful landscapes of the Dolomites. They are perfect for your nature and landscape photography, especially for mountains and lakes pictures and they will help you add incredible deep and moody tones.

Start your editing workflow with these incredible presets from @simpalao.

  • 10  Lightroom Presets
  • Warm/Cool Moody Looks
  • Deep Tones
  • Travel/Adventure
  • Free Help Files and Support

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

10 Lightroom Presets

Autumn (It gives your image that autumn and dusky palette you were looking for. Very sharp contrast preset, which is suitable for giving a very dramatic and dark moody look)

Catching Sunrise (A preset specially created for sunrises. There’s nothing to add, your sunrise photos will play with new colors. It works better with low contrast pictures)

Cobalt Lake (I created this preset specifically for water surfaces, to give them a strong and deep cobalt hue an to reduce the imperfection and ripples on the surface. It will also bright up and heat the warm tones)

Deep Forest (With its warm and deep tones it’s the perfect preset to give your pictures that storytelling-back in the days vibe and to add a bit more mood to your shot. It works better if there is a subject in the middle of the picture).

Emerald (Depending on the lighting, the color of the water or the mountains can vary from dark blue and even violet to a saturated turquoise almost green color. This preset is best suited for giving your photos a deep, balanced dark blue color with a shade of green. I always use it if I photograph lakes or mountain rivers. It also increases the contrast and the clarity)

Morning Light (A very soft and gentle preset which I could literally use for all my pictures)

Moody Greens (It makes miracles with greens. Try to apply it to a photo of the greenery in the forest and you will be surprised how it transforms your picture)

Old Good Days (One of my favourites. This preset allows me to replicate the exact mood, style or feeling that I had at the time of taking the picture. It will give you the perfect old school tone in almost any situation)

Winter (Adds cool clean shades and makes very bright and light parts of your highlight on the photo. Ideal for shooting in winter, where there is snow or ice. Gives a cool blue tint to the whole overall color range of photography. I use this preset for many of my pictures)

Wood Vibes (Perfect for cooling down the warm hues of your shot. It works perfectly with pictures in which prevail warm and earth colors)

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