18 Ultimate Portrait Capture One Styles


18 Ultimate Portrait Capture One Styles

Creator: Michal Blaut

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Everything you need to instantly create a professional look for your portraits. In this style pack you get my personal collection of editing presets for Capture One Pro. These styles are perfect for portraits both inside and outside. I edit all my portrait shoots with these styles.

The set contains a series of 18 high quality styles that add soft colors and a little magic to your photos. Speed up your workflow and give all your couple and portrait photos a unique look.

  • 16 Color Capture One Styles
  • 2 B&W Capture One Styles
  • Portrait/Fashion/Lifestyle/Wedding

Following is a description of all styles:

Ahnoa style is very popular in wedding photography, baby shoots and portraits. It makes the skin look bright and fresh. If the photo appears too bright, adjust the layer opacity until the balance is right.

A very universal style that works on many photos. Among other things, I adjusted the individual RGB-Channels of the gradation curve and the color balance.

The interaction of the white balance and the color balance creates a warm, unique look.

A subtle style in which the individual RGB channels of the gradation curve have been adjusted. The exposure has not been changed. This makes the style very flexible.

A high contrast look with a touch of blue in the depths. Perfect for fashionshoots and powerful photos.

The image is slightly overexposed and creates a very stylish look. If necessary, the exposure must be reduced a little depending on the photo. A very fresh look, perfect for all kinds of portraits.

A unique warm brave look. Certainly not for all pictures. Applied to the right photo, it creates a magical dreamlike look. The skin appears bright and summery.

A Relative bright, cool style that creates a unique look. Exposure has been increased by one stop and if necessary should be reset a bit.

This style is special and may need a little adjustment. But it creates a slightly matte, captivating look.

A decent and universal style. I adjusted the RGB channels of the gradation curve and the color balance. Fits almost all my portraits.

Dominga adds dynamics and contrast to the image. The individual RGB channels of the gradation curve as well as the color balance produce a creative hard look.

The RGB channels of the gradation curve, the tonal values as well as the color balance were very finely adjusted and create a beautiful look.

A warm look that emphasizes the red tones and adds a summer touch to the image.

A noble slightly desaturated high contrast look.

Anyone who likes a matte look will find it here. The depths turn slightly violet. This vintage look is perfectly suited for portraits and is a must in every collection.

A classic look, where the depths move slightly into the blue and the highlights into the orange. In addition to this, the tonal values have been adjusted.

A high contrast b&w look that makes the image appear very clear and defined. My personal favorite in b&w styles.

A slightly matte dreamy style. Makes the skin look beautiful.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me: blaut(a)email.de

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