25 Street Moods Lightroom Presets


25 Street Moods Lightroom Presets

Creator: Kaleido.light


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25 Professional Portrait Presets for Adobe Lightroom 

A collection of custom presets ready for the professional and editorial use by Kaleido.light. Developed and designed for street portrait photography, these presets will transform all your images with gorgeous colour graded environments and enhanced skin tones. 

Every particular style in this bundle is the fruit of dozens of travels around the world and hours of editing. Set the mood of your photos and travel around the world at the same time just by scrolling through the numerous styles.  

In this bundle you will find:

  • 20 Lightroom Desktop Presets (5 main presets x 4 Variations)
  • Five main Lightroom Mobile Presets
  • QuickLook Before/After Images + Colour Checker
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Free Installation Guide

Product Description:

Kaleido.light has created five main photographic filters for you to use on your images. Keep reading to know more about every unique look.

  • Hanoi: This presets delivers your images a look that shades between aqua green and smoke yellow. Perfect for expressive portraits.
  • Mendocino: A clean and slightly desaturated look to enhance details and skin tones.
  • Oporto: This preset adds blue-lavender tones to your composition. Ideal for your street portraits.
  • Reims: The perfect skin tone enhancer. Adds a rose gold colour grading and smoothens the lights. 
  • Siena: A natural leather colour combined, faded blacks and vibrant golden lights for a perfect summer portrait. 

Moreover, every main preset comes with four variations that will allow you to edit images faster than ever:

  • Normal | The standard but not less spectacular variant of the preset
  • Alternative | A slightly different tone and hue balancement for a broader range of light conditions
  • E.V + | Over-exposed calibration for darker images
  • E.V – | Under-exposed calibration for brighter images

Product Compatibility 

This preset bundle is compatible with Lightroom 5-6 (.lrtemplate files), Lightroom CC (desktop – mobile sync), Lightroom Classic CC (.xmp files), Lightroom Mobile CC (.dng files). 

Attention: (.xmp may be used in Photoshop via CameraRaw if installed on Lightroom Classic CC)

Installing Mobile Presets


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