34 Rutilated Amethyst Background Textures

34 Rutilated Amethyst Background Textures

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Fantastic different styled 34 Rutilated Amethyst background textures are presented in all popular angles and arrangements of stones on different surfaces: dark stone, brown wood, light wood, black and white backgrounds. All backgrounds have horizontal and vertical orientations. You can choose any interesting angle. Rutilated Amethyst mineral stones are randomly scattered and evenly laid out, poured all together and divided into half of the image for easy text addition so that the artwork looks more professional. To compose your own picture of stones, a special file has been created, which contains stones in the form of a mosaic on isolated white background in * .psd (Adobe Photoshop) format.

About Rutilated Amethyst Mineral

It is believed to be rich in properties that are beneficial to the body and mind, enough to keep it in contact with the body, be it a necklace, earrings, or simply holding a rough stone in your pocket. Amethyst is called the stone of harmony and rest, considering that it is of great importance for those who want to settle conflicts. Amethyst is also credited with the ability to free people from negative thoughts and generate omniscience.

Lithotherapists (those who treat stones) claim that one of the most valuable properties of amethyst is the regulation of processes in the body. It is also believed that, in addition to the ability to calm, this mineral facilitates the manifestation of diseases that have arisen on the nervous system, relieves migraine attacks. In reviews of amethyst, lithotherapists note the ability of the mineral to have a beneficial effect on the human body, saturate it with vital energy and extinguish the surrounding negativity. Natural stone relieves stress, strengthens the nervous system, and helps to eliminate excessive anxiety.

Perfect for use as background texture for games, posters, flyers, postcards, advertising, software, applications, website background or wallpaper.


  • High Quality
  • High Resolution: 6000 x 4000 Px, 83 x 55 Inches, 72 Dpi
  • Files Extension: Jpg
  • Quantity: 34 pcs
  • Orientation: Horizontal and vertical.
  • *.psd Photoshop file with white background isolated stones included

What You Get: Zip Archive with 34 Ready to Use Rutilated Amethyst Backgrounds. Fresh & Modern Textures Pack with High Resolution Files: 6000 x 4000 px.

Textures.World Review: https://textures.world/stone/34-rutilated-amethyst-background-textures

~ Thank you & Enjoy using ~

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