35 Blooming Branch Overlays

35 Blooming Branch Overlays

Creator: 3Motional


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35 Blooming Branch Overlays

As always, we try to produce the highest quality and most different products based on your needs, because we consider you worthy of the best. In this collection, We have designed 35 blooming spring tree overlays in high variety and different colors.

This can add freshness and beauty of spring to your photo in such a way that you look different and dreamy and when others look at your photo, they will be surprised by its beauty. We have converted photos to PNG format. You can easily apply this product to your images with just a few clicks, and in the end, you can become a professional with just a few clicks. Just trust us. Created by 3Motional.


60 Square pictures: 3000* 4000 and 4000*4000
Compatible with: Any non-linear editor And any software that allows you to work with layers: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut, Sony Vegas, Movie Maker, Paint Shop Pro, PicMonkey, Gimp, Pinnacle, Avid, Davinci Resolve or any your favorite compositing app, Lightroom.

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