60 Bokeh Effect Brushes


60 Bokeh Effect Brushes

Creator: xresch


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Did you ever have a photo where just that bokeh was not the way you wanted it? Or that nice marriage photoshooting where the sun was hidden behind the clouds and you need to pimp the photos a bit?

This bokeh effect brushes can help you in many situations to give some nice and glowy touch to your images. You will find in this package a good mix of scattered brushes, combined bokeh brushes and stamp like brushes.

This product contains the following:

  • 60 Bokeh Photoshop Brushes(ABR)
  • 60 Bokeh Affinity Brushes(AFBRUSHES)
  • 60 Bokeh Procreate Brushes(BRUSHSET)
  • 60 PNG Files: One for each brush(Black and Transparency)
  • 45 Photoshop Layer Styles(ASL)
  • 21 Affinity Layer Styles(AFSTYLES)
  • Example PSD Files
  • Links to Tutorials

Note: The brushes are downsized to 500px for easier use as they scatter quite a lot. The original size of the brushes is still 2500px(1024px in Procreate) in the brush file, just increase the brush size to fit your needs.

Usage Examples:

  • Add bokeh to a photo
  • Use as background decoration
  • Increase the amount of bokeh in a picture
  • Use for abstract art
  • Make glowy glowy images
  • Create a disco light effect
  • Pimp a scene with artificial reflections
  • Digitally cheat on the size of your aperture


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