8 Selfies + Skin Tones Mobile Lightroom Presets


8 Selfies + Skin Tones Mobile Lightroom Presets

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The Perfect selfie pack is a must-have Lightroom Presets for your Portrait and Selfie shots. You can use the presets to edit your Instagram feed, your outfits, close up or make up images and blogging photos. Created by 1Presets.

These presets will donate a bright and light look, for perfect cozy aesthetic. Great for fashion influencers and everyone finding that famous Instagrammable skin tone you see everywhere on instagram, see your likes and follower grow with professionally edit photos, just like your favorite influencers!

If you are looking for minimalistic and clean touch, fantastic skin tones, and beautiful dimensions for professional level editing, then this set is perfect for you! Brightening & softening presets comes packed with a variety of tones for all situations of photography.
Careful attention has been paid that while stunning in their effect, the results in themselves look natural and subtle.

Filmic light enhancement and glow for emphasized light, dimension and luminosity, eliminating the flat look frequent in digital photography.


– 8 Lightroom Mobile Presets in .DNG format

-These presets work with the FREE Lightroom mobile (phone) app – iOs + Android. You just need to download Lightroom Mobile App

-100% adjustable and customizable Lightroom presets

-Instant download files: Direct link to download from your mobile (no zip files)

– Step-by-step illustrated guide PDF


Presets are excellent tools! Some tweaking and editing might be necessary – not every preset is going to suit every photo, which is why I have included a large variety to work with different photo styles and lighting environments.

Your final results will of course depend on what you’re starting with. Great natural lighting will ALWAYS look better than a yellow indoor lighting or fluorescent lighting.

If you’re not 100% happy, rather than leave a negative review, just send me a message and I will try my best to help out :) . There might be a slight delay due to the fact that I am in the USA – but I will get back to you ASAP!

I’m always happy to help you use the presets to the best of your abilities so don’t hesitate to private message me would you encounter any issue or have any questions!

I spend a lot of time creating and testing my presets so that you don’t have to spend hours manually editing all of your photos! That being said, every photo is unique. You may need to fine tune the exposure and/or white balance a bit to get the exact look you want, but it’ll be much easier than manually tweaking each photo, I promise!

Why choose my presets?
– 100% Satisfaction
Always here to help you
– 8 Years of experience in the travel and fashion industry
– Award winning photographer and influencer

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of the content, once downloaded, I cannot issue refunds.


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