90’S RETRO Moody Vintage Film Lightroom Presets

90’S RETRO Moody Vintage Film Lightroom Presets



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90’s Retro || Premium Lightroom Presets Pack by CT
Desktop + Mobile Bundle

A custom set of retro-style presets inspired by the 90’s. This pack is the perfect mix of cool tones and warm tones for a wide variety of editing styles. Features moody rich colors and minimal film grain. They are super versatile and work on all types of photography!

This preset pack includes:

CT – 90’s RETRO 01 – Signature moody preset w/ soothing aesthetic tones
CT – 90’s RETRO 02 – Colorful moody preset w/ vibrant aquas & warm reds
CT – 90’s RETRO 03 – Moody preset w/ deep oceanic undertones & rich auburn mid-tones
CT – 90’s RETRO 04 – Warm orange and red preset w/ cool highlights
CT – 90’s RETRO 05 – Filmy moody preset w/ trendy desaturated tones (similar to @marinawphoto)
CT – 90’s RETRO 06 – Rustic moody preset w/ golden greens & subtle warmth
CT – 90’s RETRO 07 – Silver metallic preset w/ cooling desaturated tones
CT – 90’s RETRO 08 – Natural preset that enhances colors & brings skin tones to life
CT – 90’s RETRO 09 – Moody contrast preset w/ pink highlights & greener greens
CT – 90’s RETRO 10 – The ultimate cool x warm preset combo w/ golden undertones


• 10 Presets FOR LR CC DESKTOP (.lrtemplate)
• 10 Presets FOR LR CLASSIC DESKTOP (.xmp)
• 10 Presets FOR LR MOBILE APP (.dng)
• 45 Adjustment Presets Tool Kit (includes 20 exposure values, 5 sharpening presets, 4 grain presets, 4 vibrance adjustments, 3 saturation adjustments, 3 custom white balance presets, 2 vignetting presets, 2 noise reduction presets, 1 reset grain preset and 1 reset all preset)
• 6 Page Step-by-Step PDF Install Guide
• Instant Download


1. Following your purchase, your downloads include a ZIP file for desktop use and a PDF with a download link for mobile access.

2. These presets are created without exposure/white balance adjustments so you may need to adjust those manually since every photo is different.

All you have to do is expose, adjust temperature, click the preset, and you’re done!

SAVE ON THE FILM LOVERS’ BUNDLE: https://etsy.me/2UTE5ig
MORE BUNDLES: https://etsy.me/2YvfwLA

If you have any questions or concerns, send a message to [[email protected]] and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Please do not share, modify, or redistribute these files in any way, shape or form. Legal action will be met if this restriction is violated.


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