Adobe Lightroom Preset LITH – B&W Warmtone Lith Process


Adobe Lightroom Preset LITH – B&W Warmtone Lith Process

Creator: The Digital Darkroom

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B&W Warmtone Lith Process. The iconic photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn made magic in the darkroom using the Lith process in the late 90´s. His dark and poetic images of Depeche Mode, U2, Clint Eastwood and many more made him one of the biggest names in photography.

Using a complex process based on a lithographic developer together with a Japanese photographic paper he created a unique visual language. Lith printing – the holy grail for many photographers spending weeks in the darkroom trying to figure out the secret recipe. Hard black shadows, warm creamy highlights and generous amount of sharp grain.

We are so proud to announce our own take on Lith printing – our preset LITH gives you a fantastic tool for creating images that really stand out from the rest. Our preset pack is based on a handcrafted and well-tested LUT profile, an effect that can not be created in Lightroom alone.

Remember: Since our Lith profile is a color profile (in order to get right overlay color effect) it is not recommended to use the profile slider for changing the profile effect. Use instead the exposure and contrast sliders to get the right amount of the effect.

What is in the pack?

1 Lith profile

14 presets

5 Grain structures

4 Warm tones

Remember – No preset can give you a perfect result with one click – depending on your camera, exposure, light, and composition the result will differ. Use the different tools inside Lightroom to adjust exposure and contrast and you will have a great result.

IMPORTANT NOTICE This Lightroom presets is compatible with Adobe Lightroom versions of:

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Adobe Photoshop CC (Camera Raw filter)

Adobe Lightroom Mobile App (you will need a Creative Cloud subscription to import the profiles. You can do this by importing through the Lightroom CC desktop app and they will appear in your mobile app)

Please make sure you have the correct software before your purchase – refunds can NOT be given for digital downloads. Also, make sure to update your Lightroom to the latest version, so it can handle the included profile. (Older versions of Lightroom might have problems finding profiles).

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