Advanced Colorist LUTs Pack

Advanced Colorist LUTs Pack

Creator: Careful Color

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Professional Creative and Utility LUTs

A bundle of useful LUTs created by Anton Meleshkevich of Careful Color.
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From Anton: The main purpose of creating Advanced Colorist LUTs Pack was to minimize the possible increase in noise that is always present in any source footage. Some of the LUTs were designed in such a way as to minimize the effect on the contrast of the scene or even to preserve the neutral colors untouched. This was done because sometimes LUTs look good only on preview images in the online store, but absolutely not suitable for your footage.

These LUTs are made to bring you a look, a mood, but no look can replace the need to adjust exposure, contrast, white balance and saturation.

Start editing your video footage with these wonderful LUTs from Careful Color.

  • 10 Creative LUTs
  • 8 Utility LUTs
  • All LUTs in .cube format
  • Cinematic Hollywood Looks
  • Updated frequently (last update with additional LUTs in May 2019)

Not only for Rec709

Creative LUTs come not only for Rec709 source footage, but also for:

  • Arri Alexa LogC
  • REDlog3G10*
  • REDlogFilm*
  • REDgamma4*
  • Sony SLog / Sony SLog2 /Sony SLog3*
  • Panasonic V-Log (Panasonic V-Gamut)
  • BMD Film / BMD Film 4K V3 / BMD Film 4.6K V3
  • Canon Log / Canon Log 2 (Canon Cinema Gamut)
  • Cineon

*REDgamma4 and REDlogFilm profile LUTs suitable for REDcolor4 colorspace source.
*RED Log3G10 profile LUT suitable for REDWideGamutRGB colorspace source.
*Sony Slog3 profile LUT suitable for S-Gamut3.Cine colorspace source

LUTs List and Description

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Creative LUTs

Hollywood Grade h01

Typical Hollywood color grading. Shifting to memory colors. Skin-tone accented. More saturated colors become darker in order not to lose the feeling of high saturation without actual oversaturation. RGB curves characteristics of a print film are applied after the LUT.

Supplied in three versions:

  • RGB curves blending 100%
  • RGB curves blending 50%
  • No RGB curves blending (The influence on luminance is still present)

Teal Orange x01

Gentle Teal Orange look. Preserves neutral light colors almost untouched. Neutral dark colors shifted towards the blue. Green colors are protected and not shifted to yellow. To grade neutral colors in teal, set white balance cooler and bring back skin saturation using saturation knob. Make these adjustments before the LUT.

Techn0color Vibrance

Adds a pleasant saturation to skin-tones and other colors, which is impossible to get using standard saturation knob.

Techn0color 2-Strip Look

This LUT emulates 2-strip process well-known from the Aviator film. The effect on skin tone is less than on the rest of the image. Sometimes it is recommended to blend with the unprocessed image.


Muted greenery. A bit of bleach bypass. Red color has an additional accent, which makes the blood make-up more realistic. Suitable for action, war, horror films. Absolutely not suitable for comedies.

Look at 2383

Well-known Print Film look. Typically, after applying most of the other 2383 LUTs, you should to deal with yellowish greenery and decreased or increased saturation using hue vs hue, hue vs sat curves, RGB mixer or 3×3 matrix. Using this LUT you don’t need to do this steps.

5219 2383

Common combination of the 5219 film stock and 2383 print film. Useful when you want to add not an absolutely accurate emulation of the real film (which does not make sense, because a real film looks different every time), but a general look and feel of the film stock + the print film.

Vintage Look v01

No true blacks, no true whites. No perfect colors. Vintage.

Black and White Film

High contrast black and white film look. Luminance soft clipping. Skin-tone accentuation.

Night around the Skin

Day for Night LUT. Not just RGB curves toning. Skin-tone is carefully preserved. So you will not lose the skin-tone, when everything becomes darker and cooler.

Utility LUTs

White Balance Monitor

Extremely useful technical LUT. Displays all pixels close to neutral colors in green. This allows you to adjust the white balance over the entire brightness range, even on an uncalibrated monitor and without analyzers and displays white balance much better.

Before using any creative LUT, it is highly recommended that you adjust the white balance using this LUT

  • Use Lift Gamma Gain wheels for Rec709 footage.
  • Use printer lights (an offset wheel) and a shadow wheel for Log footage.
  • Use color temperature parameter in camera raw settings for RAW material.

Skin to Skin-tone Line

Brings the skin-tone color to the skin-tone line on the vectorscope. Sometimes it is recommended to blend with the unprocessed image. Do not use unnecessarily.

Desaturate Skin

Full desaturation of the skin-tone color. Suitable when you need to reduce saturation of the skin-tone color. It works much more accurately than DaVinci Resolve HSL curves in most situations. Blending with the unprocessed image is recommended.

Greenery Compressor

Shifts yellowish greenery to green color.
This LUT is useful if the build-in tools of your color grading system can’t carefully separate these colors from the skin-tone without affecting the skin.
Sometimes it is recommended to blend with the unprocessed image.

Desaturate Green

Full desaturation of green color. It works much more accurately than DaVinci Resolve HSL curves in most situations. Blending with the unprocessed image is recommended.

Desaturate Blue

Full desaturation of blue color. It works much more accurately than DaVinci Resolve HSL curves in most situations. Blending with the unprocessed image is recommended.

Desaturate Cool Black

Desaturation of cool blacks. Unlike the usual Lum Vs Sat curve, this LUT preserves the saturation of dark warm shades. So your deep red colors will not suffer. Suitable only for rec709 material.

Desaturate Sky

Desaturates the sky color, almost without affecting other blue colors. It does not work good on all the material. It is highly recommended to use the LUT with power windows (rough masks). Blending with the unprocessed image is recommended. Suitable only for rec709 material.

Product Updates

October 4, 2018:

Updates to 3 LUTs with replacements (LUT 2383, LUT 5219 2383, and Technocolor Vibrance)

May 15, 2019:

MAJOR UPDATE with GH4-GH5 V-Log LUTs added and Canon Rec709 C-Log, Canon Rec709 C-Log 2, Canon Rec709 C-Log 3 LUTs added

January 5, 2020:

What’s new:
1. Fuji F-log, BMD Pocket 4K Film V4, BMD Pocket 6K Film V4, DJI D-Gamut D-Log support added.
2. All Log-to-Rec709 LUTs have more contrast now.
3. Some LUTs were changed a little bit.
4. Added field monitors support as a beta version. Not sure if it works in all field monitors. Please let me know if they work or not. ( [email protected] )
5. 3DL format LUTs added. May be you need it.

LUTs Compatibility

Compatible with video editing programs that support .cube LUTs including: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Speedgrade, and more.

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