Adventure Series – True North Capture One Styles by Mark Binks

Adventure Series – True North Capture One Styles by Mark Binks

Creator: Mark Binks


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Cold Tone, Northern Filters for Capture One

These brisk, winter-tone Capture One Styles were crafted by photographer Mark Binks! His new Capture One Styles will help you add deep, crisp tones and moody effects to your photos to make your images vivid and clear.

Here’s a bit from Mark on the Heading South pack, “This is a collection of Capture One studio presets specifically designed for outdoors nature shooting, specifically wooded settings with lots of greens, blues, oranges and yellows.”

Get started editing with these filters today from Mark Binks!

  • 10 Adventure Capture One Styles
  • Travel Tones
  • Natural Lighting Effects
  • Crisp Detail
  • Travel/Landscape/Portrait
  • Free Help Files and Support

Continue reading below to learn more about Mark’s new Capture One Styles dedicated to adventure photography.

  • CLOUD COVER | Strong blues, muted greens, designed to bring out detail in cloudy skies.
  • DISTANT PEAK | Strong blues and cyans to compliment scenes with lots of yellow.
  • FIRST SNOW | Hazy yet crisp, high contrast black and white style.
  • GREEN LEAF | Style specifically designed for scenes with lots of green foliage.
  • LEGEND OF THE FALL | Warm style with muted blues and greens.
  • MORNING HIKE | Crisp punchy style with emphasis on blues and cyans in the shadows.
  • OKANAGAN | Super cool style with saturated blues and greens and magentas.
  • SCARLETT DAWN | Punchy reds and oranges in the shadows and mid-tones, lots of cyan in the highlights.
  • SOFT BREEZE | Desaturated softer look with a retro feel.
  • TAILWIND | Very desaturated with lots of magentas in the shadows.


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