Adventure / Travel / Blogger / Lifestyle / Nature / Coffee / Cafe / Cocoa / Moody / Tropical / Landscape / Portrait for HIKING Desktop + Mobile Lightroom Presets


Adventure / Travel / Blogger / Lifestyle / Nature / Coffee / Cafe / Cocoa / Moody / Tropical / Landscape / Portrait for HIKING Desktop + Mobile Lightroom Presets

Creator: Thiago Vibesp

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Adventure and Hiking Photo Filters

The photos turned the brown tones with high contrast, perfect for indoor, outdoor, travel, vacation, landscape, social media, weddings, blogger, magazine, professional photos. Mobile and Desktop Lightroom HIKING Included 7 presets for every kind of picture. Created by Thiago Vibesp.

Theses presets created for Mobile Lightroom CC, 4, 5, 6 and PC/MAC

Mobile Preset are perfect for your Lightroom Mobile App and work well with your photos shot with your iPhone Android device or professional camera.

You don’t need an Adobe subscription to use these presets. You simply need to download the LR Mobile App in the app store or google play and create an account with Adobe.

These presets will be compatible with both jpg, jpeg and RAW files.


7 Lightroom Presets .LRTEMPLATE file
2 Help files

How to Install Mobile Presets






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