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AIE abbreviates to ALL IN ENVIRONMENT, it’s very special because it can be applied to any environment. We have dedicated much time to the development of this lut more than any other. Because it should do the magic when applied

You read it right, it does magic. When applied it process the frames with

  • Isolated Skin Enhancement

The skin tones in the frames are transformed into attractive tones. The main magic of this lut is skin enhancement.

  • Environment Richness Booster 

All colors of the environment are balanced to a primary-secondary combo, which indeed makes the environment looks richer

  • Environment Color Tone Balance

Some frames have an unbalanced saturation level, which will make that portion projected out on the first look. This lut balances over-saturated colors to a common level to an extend

  • Pickup Blacks and White

A-frame appears to be unlogical when the blacks and white are unleveled. In general, luts have limitations to adjust this factor, somewhat this is an adjustment with contrast tweak

  • Works in Outdoor and Indoor 

Its already clear, this AIE LUT is not a mood creation lut but it can be considered as an enhancement lut. It works with all environment


If you think we are overrating it, send us sample footage to try this one.We will apply AIE lut and share the screen record of grading. Email the footages to [email protected]  ( WeTransfer is preferred )


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