Andrea Pallocchia Lightroom Presets

Andrea Pallocchia Lightroom Presets

Creator: Andrea Pallocchia

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Studio & Portrait Presets

Custom studio, portrait, and lifestyle effects created by Andrea Pallocchia.

Each preset is different from the others for been used in as many as possible situations and light conditions. Perfect for portrait photography, natural or strobe lighting, in studio or outside. Totally editable to fit every kind of image.

Start your edits with these portrait presets from Andrea Pallocchia:
  • 24 Lightroom Presets (.xmp)
  • Sharp, Bright Portraits
  • Skin Tones
  • Studio Effects
  • Includes 5 Black & White Effects
  • Free Help Files & Support

Features .xmp presets. This product is compatible with Lightroom CC (desktop), and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

Andrea Pallocchia Presets

  • AquaBrown: a different and warmer type of the classic teal and orange look
  • BrownContrast: warmer tones and high contrast
  • BW: classic fine art black and white
  • BWFaded: classic fine art black and white with lifted blacks
  • BWGrey: fine art low contrast black and white
  • BWBlack: extreme contrast black and white
  • BWBlackFaded: extreme contrast black and white with lifted blacks
  • CineContrastDesaturated: classic contrast cinematic look
  • CineNeutro: cinematic look with no color cast or color grading, totally customizable
  • CineSaturated: classic cinematic look with richer colors
  • GoldenCine: cinematic look with golden highlights and colder shadows 
  • ContrastBoost: boosting contrast and colors of your image
  • Cool: softer and cooler look with lifted shadows
  • FujiAstia: get the classical Fuji film look with boosted saturation and color pop
  • GreyGreen: warmer highlights and greenish lifted shadows
  • InstaOutdoorColor: the instagram look with color pop
  • InstaOutdoorColorFadedthe instagram look with color pop with faded shadows
  • MutedTones: high contrast, low saturation and lifted shadows
  • Orange&Teal: typical orange & teal look
  • Orange&TealContrast: contrast boost with orange & teal colors
  • OutdoorDegreener: soft highlights and green shadows
  • OutdoorLightCyan: raised highlights and cyan shadows
  • OutdoorNeutral: flat and warmer look for your outdoor portraits
  • SandyBeach: warm high contrast look perfect for beach shoot

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