Cape Town Boho Daze Capture One Styles

Cape Town Boho Daze Capture One Styles

Creator: Max Libertine


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Cape Town Styles for Capture One Pro

The “BOHO DAZE” style package for Capture One contains 16 different looks. The looks were developed by swimwear photographer MAX LIBERTINE for his project “BOHO DAZE”, which was shot at some of Cape Town’s most beautiful and magical beaches in 2018. [UPDATED MARCH 2019]

These styles are made to make people look great on the beach. They work both with RAW and jpg-files. The color palettes correspond well with white sand, black rock, turquoise, blue and foamy seas, palm trees and steel blue skies and sceneries tinted in bright sunlight.

Start your new Capture One Pro edits with these incredible styles from Max Libertine!

  • 16 Capture One Styles
  • Soft Faded Looks
  • Editorial Fashion and Style
  • Tones for Exotic Beaches
  • FREE PDF Installation Guide
  • Pro Tips & Examples PDF

This product is compatible with Capture One for Windows and Mac users. Capture One Styles are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.


  • Annie 1 | A low contrast filter for back light, with a warm and bronzed looking skin tones and light blue shades.
  • Annie 2 | Bright day light filter with bronzed mid tones and high contrast. The green and yellow color range is shifted to blue and purple.
  • Annie 3 |This filter plays with an orange-blue color harmony. It creates rich brown skin tones and makes water pop in blue and turquoise colours.
  • Dan 2 | A dramatic, edgy look with lots of contrast. Suited to shoot at bright daylight in the water, with a rocky environment. Green and yellow tones are shifted to red and orange color range.
  • Shannon 1 | The perfect filter for a gloomy summer day. It brings back contrast. The look plays with a yellow-blue color harmony.
  • Denni 1 | A very warm summer look with purple shades and desaturated greens that blend into the blue spectrum.
  • Getriin 1 | Warm summer look with blueish greens, rich in contrast and with dimmed highlights. This style is perfect to shoot light colored clothes in bright daylight.
  • Getriin 2 | A warm, slightly metallic look that softens harsh daylight, and brings out the shaded areas of the image.
  • Getriin 3 | This metallic look, with warm highlights and mid-tones, softens harsh daylight and brings out the shaded areas of the image.
  • Getriin 4 | A very stylish and cool look with punchy contrast. It desaturates the green to purple spectrum.
  • Getriin 5 | Like with Getriin 4, this look is less desaturated in the purple spectrum, and brings up the brightness, all while keeping the darkest areas of the image dark.
  • Getriin 6  | Another high fashion filter for the beach. Turquoise water will pop against white sands.
  • Getriin 7 | high contrast black & white filter
  • Chapmans Peak Drive 1 | A fresh looking, high contrast landscape look, with clear blue and green tones.
  • Chapmans Peak Drive 2 | A well balanced, dramatic high contrast landscape look for cliffs with foaming deep blue seas. It brings up the shades and adds clarity.
  • Noordhoek Beach | A perfect beach look. White sands, turquoise and blue waters and rich, fresh greens.


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