Celluloïd Extreme Luts Pack


Celluloïd Extreme Luts Pack

Creator: Remy De Vlieger

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Professional Extreme look LUTs by CELLULOID

Developed by Remy De Vlieger, French colorist, alongside his post production team! Celluloid LUTs are beautiful cinematic LUTs for filmmakers that are quite diverse, allowing the creator to use them in more ways than imaginable. We are happy to introduce Celluloïd Extreme Package!

An ultimate package of 10 LUTs to push your color grades further.

High-quality 33x33x33 .cube files for LOG colorspace camera, especially design for ARRI LOG-C, RED IPP2 and any others LOG cameras.

Software Compatibility

Cube LUTs are compatible in a number of photo and video editing software programs on the market including:

  • Adobe Speedgrade
  • Adobe Premiere Pro & CC
  • Adobe After Effects CS6 & CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 & CC
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Final Cut Pro

Some of these programs and others may require additional steps or modifications for installation. This product includes a helpful PDF guide for getting started. Please contact Remy De Vlieger for other support inquiries related to Celluloid LUTs.


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