Cinema Colorgrade Lut Pack


Cinema Colorgrade Lut Pack

Creator: Tim Lundqvist


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Inside you’ll get my TOP 5 most used lut’s for filmmaking!
I’ve made these on demand of myself to make my work flow easier and to save me time when editing, I also absolutely love the colors I’ve produced in these presets.
I’ve also added two BONUS items ONLY for FilterGrade buyers.

They work with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut, as long as your software can handle .cube files you’re all set!
Easy to use – just import the LUT and adjust the intensity to color grade your footage in clicks!
These LUTs will give your footage a really good look and make it a lot easier for you to colorgrade something that otherwise would’ve taken HOURS, especially if you are new to colorgrading.

First of all, welcome to my shop! My name is Tim and I’m a professional photographer and filmmaker from Gothenburg, Sweden.
I’ve worked with several big domestic brands and I’m an avid traveler. On the side of doing photo and video gigs I create digital assets and I love to share my products with the world.
If you are buying these LUT’s, please DM or tag me on Instagram, I would love to see your work! :)

Q: What is a LUT?
Q: How can I install luts?

A: A color grade preset for videos that can also be used in Photoshop to colorgrade your images!
A: Just simply chose your desired colorgrading software and press “import lut”. There are tons of tutorials on Youtube and it’s super easy to do!
If you can’t make it work, please contact me via Etsy Messages and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

I obviously can’t stop you from re-selling these presets but I’d appreciate if you’d respect the work I put in to making these.
I also want to point out that due to the digital nature of this product no exchanges or refunds will be made. If there is a serious problem with any of these presets contact me via Etsy messages.

Best Regards, Tim.


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