Cinematic LUTs V2 (Log footage and Rec709) by Till Daling

Cinematic LUTs V2 (Log footage and Rec709) by Till Daling

Creator: Till Daling

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10 Cinematic LUTs V2 (Log footage and Rec709)

These LUTs have been downloaded over 50K times. Not here tho.

Initially, they have been made out of an annoyance of dealing with LOG (more specific for S-Log 3 of sony cameras) footage for weekly YouTube videos.

Back then, I thought it would be amazing to help many fresh creatives to utilize more advanced picture profiles for their day to day work :)

And well, the LOG version is available for free on my website.

Wait, what?

Well, this is the updated version. After release back then, I have gotten a lot of feedback and many have asked for similar cinematic LUTs that could be used for more Rec709 like footage (video that has been shot in less color grading friendly picture profiles or completely without).

What is in it?

All ten original LUTs for Log footage named by countries (Germany, England, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Greece, Israel, Austria, France)

But a video says more than words so here is the visual demonstration

These ten LUTs have been the cornerstone of growing my YouTube channel in 2020.

The upgrade

As said, many of you asked for LUTs that can be used on non-LOG footage.

So here are similar grades based on footage that was converted to Rec709 (standard, broadcast-like colors) beforehand.

The changes are obviously less dramatic but can still make an artistic difference :)

The LUT Pack – List

This pack includes:

  • The original 10 LUTs for LOG footage
  • The ten new LUTs with similar artistic features (they come in a more and less contrasty version, so 30 LUTs in total)

The LUTs will work for Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut.

How to use?

Premiere Pro

Davinci Resolve

Final cut pro

Enjoy, use the LUTs, and maybe grow your own YouTube channel.

Cheers from a cabin in Norway, 

Till :)

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