Colorgrader Lightroom Presets

Colorgrader Lightroom Presets

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Flat Earth Tones for Adobe Lightroom

These earthy photo filters were created by Kevin Alejandro, also known as @colorgrader on Instagram. Kevin’s unique and minimal editing style adds clarity and color to your tones to help create a vivid scene.

Here’s a bit from Kevin himself, “This preset pack was developed and carefully curated to achieve eye-appealing colors on your images. This pack contains 4 types of tones, Warm and Earthy, Clean and Minimal, Moody and Dark, and black and white, because saving time while editing is key, these presets require minor tweaks to get the desire look on your photos, feel free to experiment with this presets as much as you want, they can help you find your signature editing style.”

Start editing with these lifestyle and adventure presets today!

  • 14 Lightroom Presets
  • Earth Tones
  • Flat/Minimal
  • Adventure/Lifestyle
  • Free Help File & Support

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

Kevin has included a variety of different moods and tones to help you learn more about editing your images in a flat and minimal manner. Continue reading below to learn more about all of the presets.

Earth | Provides warm/earthy shadows while keeping whites natural.
Crushed | Helps soften overexposed photos and give a creamy look.
Moody Green | This warm preset creates a moody/underexposed effect.
Clean | Creates a contrasty and minimal look, ideal for portraits and indoor photos.
Creamy Orange |Its tones create a dreamy effect, I typically use it to increase yellow/orange tones.
Dusty | This preset will provide a stunning warm look to your photos, its subtle grain makes the final product even better.
Pure Brown | The darkest preset, use this preset when looking for deep shadows.
Film | Deep and dark green tones can be achieved with this preset.
Vibrant | The brightest preset, if you’re editing underexposed photos, this guy’ll help you out.
Subtle Warmth | Contrasty preset with a slightly warm look.
Monochrome | That sweet black and white preset, it provides a timeless look to your black and white photos.
Whitie V1 & V2 | Desaturated presets, V1 warm variation and v2 cold variation.

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