Daniel Weissenhorn Lightroom Presets

(4 customer reviews)

Daniel Weissenhorn Lightroom Presets

Creator: Daniel Weissenhorn
(4 customer reviews)

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Cool Effects for Animal/Wildlife Photography

Dramatic and moody nature effects for wildlife photographers, created by Daniel Weissenhorn. Perfect for adding a little bit of drama to your scenic mountain photos and pictures of wild animals.

Read more from Daniel about his preset bundle! “My name is Daniel Weissenhorn. I am a landscape and animal photographer from the south of Germany/Bavaria. My presets are especially made to add some incredible tones to your photos. They will help you to add a moody effect along with contrast and detail tones. Whether it’s a calm sunrise or an amazing mountain scenery, these presets are great for a wide range of your travel and adventure photography. Especially I’ve made five presets for animal shots, but they work also really good for landscape shots.”

Pro tips from Daniel: “Before applying these presets, you have to adjust your exposure since they intentionally don’t affect that. They work easily with most conditions while they do work best with soft lighting conditions as sunrise/sunset or moody conditions for sure.”

Begin editing your wildlife photos with these cool effects from @daniel_weissenhorn.

  • 20 Lightroom Presets
  • Moody Effects
  • Wildlife & Animal Photography
  • Warm Sunrises / Cool Snowy Effects
  • Free Help Files and Support

These presets are both .lrtemplate and .xmp files. This product is compatible with Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, and the latest versions of Lightroom CC (desktop) and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos. Find out how to sync presets with your phone.

Presets Included

  1. Green Alps – preset for moody summer days in the Alps which creates a green look
  2. Sunrise Pragser Wildsee – preset made for a sunrise at a lake to create a clean look
  3. Ice Blue Soft – special preset which gives water a special blue look
  4. Greens and Flowers – preset for moody days in the alps with a lot of flower fields
  5. Green Alps 2 – especially for summer days in the Alps. Works with mood and soft light
  6. Iceland Sunset – you want to have an incredible look for your sunset pictures? This
    preset creates an incredible red/orange look with dark tones
  7. Golden Sunrise – this presets works best for sunrise or also for sunrise and creates a
    golden light
  8. Moody Winter Days – preset for moody winter days especially with snowfall
  9. Pastel Tones – works especially with soft light
  10. Pastel Tones 2 – works especially with soft light and also at rainy and moody days. Adds
    a slight orange look to your photos
  11. Sunrise Alps – especially made for sunrises high above in the mountains. Works nicely
    for a sunrise above the clouds
  12. Golden Light – works best with soft light and adds some fade in your pictures
  13. Rainy Day – this presets works best at cloudy and rainy days to create a dark look
  14. Autumn Tones – works best with your autumn pics.
  15. Soft Greens – this preset creates soft greens

Presets Animals

The following five presets are especially made for editing animal shots but they also work really good for landscape shots.

  1. Snow Animal – especially for editing animal pics with snow/snowfall
  2. Snow Animal 2 – especially for editing animal pics with snow/snowfall
  3. Animal 3 – for a clean and dark look of animals.
  4. Animal 4 – for a clean and dark look of animals.
  5. Animal 5 – especially for animals on a green pasture

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4 reviews for Daniel Weissenhorn Lightroom Presets

  1. Pierre (hamburch.photography)

    Amazing presets! I’ve used them today for editing some animal and landscape shots from Vienna. It’s worth every penny!

  2. Robert (Musk Marketing)

    Incredibly intensive and very useful presets… simply love them! Thanks a lot!

  3. Robert Micharl

    These presets are so unnatural, I uninstalled them just after using them once. This has nothing to do anymore with natural editing, most of my shots looked better before than after applying the preset.

  4. nils0638 (verified owner)

    Amazing Presets I use theses ones for everything when I can but they are very useful and beautiful with theses dramatical effects !

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