EUROPACK 900 by Jonathan Pace | for Lightroom


EUROPACK 900 by Jonathan Pace | for Lightroom

Creator: Jonathan Pace

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Europack 900 is different.

I created this pack of 6 presets while thinking of the vibes that I get from several European cities. It is called 900 because all of the presets maintain this kind of analog feel. I’m so tied to the XX century and its revolutions in every field (Arts first) and I hope you can get this through my presets. I decided to use only this portrait of my girlfriend to show you how versatile these presets are.

London 900 is based on yellow and aqua, it is one of my favorites and gives a nostalgic English vibe

Moscow 900 is based on grey and rust, it reminds me of the typical soviet photography mood

Paris 900 is based on scarlet and ocean blue, it’s romantic and glamourous like the french city

Rome 900 is based on orange and green, it’s as warm as a dish of “Spaghetti alla Carbonara”

Sarajevo 900 is the only black and white preset here, it’s a reminder of the sad times during the war in the ’90s

Venice 900 is based on aqua and pink, two colors that you often find walking around Venice, through the canals

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