FAIRFILTER INITIUM Lightroom Preset Pack

FAIRFILTER INITIUM Lightroom Preset Pack

Creator: fairfilter

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The FAIRFILTER Lightroom Preset Pack includes the following presets:

AERIS – a copper inspired pinkish preset for all kinds of things

ANNO – a moody black and white preset for all kinds of things

ANNO II – a sharp black and white preset for all kinds of things

ARTIS – a brownish warm preset, best for woods and forests

BASIC – a moody minimalistic preset for all kinds of things

CALOR – a bright shiny preset for all kinds of things

COMA – a high saturated yellowish preset for summer vibes

DULCE – a low saturated cold preset, best for winterscapes

EGO – a sharp and warm preset, best for portraits

FABULA – a colorful fairytale preset, best for nature

FLORA – a dreamlike preset for spring and flowers

IRIS – a high saturated punshy preset, for all kinds of things

JADE – a greenish muted preset, for whatever you like

LUMA – a warm muted teal and orange preset, for everything

MODUS – a moody low saturated preset, for everything

MORTEM – a dark punshy low saturated preset, for everything

NOVA – a cold bluish preset for forests and landscapes

RUBIGO – a redish high saturated preset, for nature

SOL – a warm summervibe preset, for all kind of things

SOMNIUM – a moody experimental preset, play with it

TENEBRIS – a dark greenish preset for autumn colors and forests

The 21 Presets come as .XMP files.

For the latest Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile.


You can import them directly into your presets folder within Lightroom.

Or you can do it the old way (Mac):

Drag over the files into this folder if you are on a Mac:

Mac/(user)/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings

If you are on Windows:

C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Adobe\CameraRaw\Settings

Windows 7 users should use this path:


You should play with the settings to get perfect results!

Especially the Temperature, Exposure, Contrast and Saturation.

There is no One Click Solution ;-)

Also remember: RAW beats JPEG !!!!!!

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