Farisislegendary Deluxe Lightroom Preset Pack

Farisislegendary Deluxe Lightroom Preset Pack

Creator: Farisislegendary


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Inside of this collection, you’ll get 6 handcrafted presets that I created and put together. These presets are perfect for portraits, concerts, and all-around photography and are my go-to presets.

The purpose of theses presets is to enhance your photos and speed up your editing process.  farisislegendary


Note- Select any preset from this pack based on the nature of your photo and adjust the preset to your liking.

The “Super Slime Tone” preset is created to pop out the colors in your photos on a slime level. I use this to color photos fully when there are slight colors around and I want to boost the photo I’m editing.

The “Black & White Movie” preset is created to give a dark cinematic monochrome vibe to your photos with the perfect amount of grain. This preset is like watching an old movie. It’s perfect for creating a dark vibe.

The “Concert” preset is my favorite preset for any concert photos. It creates a natural color pop to your photos and adds the perfect balance for any color at a concert. This is perfect if your shooting concerts and you want your colors to pop!

The “Starter Kit” preset is exactly what is it is. A starter kit! This is my favorite & my go-to preset for all my photos I want to keep simple and clean. It has the perfect tones for natural lighting! both indoors and outdoors.

The “Golden Sun” preset is the final preset to the pack. This preset is perfect for any warm tones and gives a film type vibe to your photos.

The “Flash Preset” is my go to preset when I shoot with flash. It’s created perfectly & gives the perfect balance such as subtle grain with any photo shot with flash.

*You will receive 1 ZIP file containing all 6 files. Theses must be installed to a specific folder and Lightroom MUST be restarted.

Hope you enjoy!

– Farisislegendary



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