Federico Landra Lightroom Presets

Federico Landra Lightroom Presets

Creator: Federico Landra

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This bundle of photo filters was created by Italian adventure photographer, Federico Landra. This pack is the perfect bundle for those European countryside looks, no matter what time of day.

Here’s a bit from Federico, “Photography is a way to tell a story. It visually portrays a moment in time which is representative of an experience. I use photography exactly for that, to tell people my adventures and therefore to share my emotions. My work aims to be as clear as possible in the intent behind shooting. Moreover, a natural and mild vintage look takes place in my photography, reflecting my idea of beauty.”

Start your workflow today with these presets from Federico Landra.

  • 9 Lightroom Presets
  • Clean Effects
  • Warm Tones
  • Landscape/Adventure
  • Free Help File

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

Federico has included nine individual photo filters for you to enjoy and learn with. Using his presets, you’ll be able to create masterpieces and test out new things as well, continue reading below to learn more about each preset.

GOLDEN DREAM | This preset has been specifically tuned to enhance the light games that come during the golden hour. If you shoot in the direction of the light source, this will create an even more intense atmosphere. Warm tones and accentuated contrasts are the key words in this preset, accompanied by a slightly crashed highlights and some fade effect that give to the entire scene a gorgeous vintage look.
LIGHT GRADIENT | This preset is indicated to give the scene a strong sense of depth, gained by emphasizing the foreground shadows and lights in the background, thus creating a continuous gradient of lights. The tones are warm, the tint tends to purple and the contrasts are accentuated on mid tones.
SOFT BLUE | This preset is suitable for photographs taken during the blue hour, when the sun colors the sky and the earth assumes cold tones. So it preserves the highlighs and emphasizes their colors, raises medium tones and dramatizes the shadows.
HARSH LIGHTThis preset is studied for conditions in which daytime light rages the colors and makes it difficult to get good photographs. Therefore, it is mandated to give the pictures vivid but natural colors, accentuate the contrast, making sure not to burn the highlights, which are slightly crashed.
FRONT LIGHTAnother shooting condition against the source of light, even though not directly included in the photograph and with your subject at a certain distance. Here, too, you will find the corrections that will best exalt your shots of this type, taking advantage of the light coming in front of you. Luminance and colors are carefully adjusted to obtain the best possible result.
FRONT LIGHT v2 Did you take a photo against the light source and want to make the most of it? With this preset you will create an atmosphere of soft light that will make the scene magical. Your subject in the foreground will be exalted in the best way. The tones are warmer than ever, marrying the pre-shooting conditions, the average tones are enhanced and the whole tones are slightly adjusted to meet the overall conditions.
SPOTLIGHT | This preset is useful when in the photo there is a special illuminated area surrounded by shaded subjects. This will exacerbate the importance of the area in the light, thanks to a proper contrast and warm tones on it. With a slight vignetting, adjusted tones and right sharpness, your subject will make the most of it.
ADVANCED STARS |This preset is specifically aimed at star-studded photographs. In fact, the stars will be very bright and the milky way will shine at its best. It also enables the management of the foreground and any lights in it by calibrating them appropriately to the scene. The tones are natural, the medium is raised and there is a slight fade effect.
DEEP DARK | This preset faces the difficulty of photographing in night-time environments with scarce light. The preset will try to maximize the light in the scene with an eye to the noise. The tones are neutral and natural.

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