Film Burn Transitions with SOUND EFFECTS


Film Burn Transitions with SOUND EFFECTS

Creator: Think Make Push

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Film Burn Transitions with Sound Effects for video editors.

Why sound effects?

First of all, because they’re cool.  But also, the sound effects that are included with these overlays give the transitions more “texture”.  It adds another layer which makes it stand out from other overlays and adds sound to your edits.  Nobody else offers sound effects like these for your film burns!  Make sure to watch the YouTube video above to listen to these before you decide to purchase.  I guarantee you’ll love them.

Why buy this pack?

Simple… because they’re the best.  I’ve spent hours making these transitions and sound effects so your work looks amazing.  Look at any commerical, Hollywood movie trailer or successfull YouTuber.  They’re all using some kind of light leaks overlay in their video.  If Hollywood uses them, so should you!

Download these now!

I guarantee you’ll absolutely LOVE these sound effects with included overlays.  Download and start using them now!  There are 36 individual, high quality sound effects in this download.  These are 100% original completely created by me.  Once you purchase these, they’re yours forever.

These will work in virtually any video editor.  If for some reason they don’t work, drop me a message and we’ll figure it out together!

What comes in the download?

Once you purchase this pack, your instant download will consist of 1 zip file containing the 36 transition sound effects.  Transitions are all rendered at 4K (3840×2160).  Files include:

  • film burn transition SOUND EFFECTS.mp4
  • thankyou.pdf
  • thinkmakepush_tutorial.pdf
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_01.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_02.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_03.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_04.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_05.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_06.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_07.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_08.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_09.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_10.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_11.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_12.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_13.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_14.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_15.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_16.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_17.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_18.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_19.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_20.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_21.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_22.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_23.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_24.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_25.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_26.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_27.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_28.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_29.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_30.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_31.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_32.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_33.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_34.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_35.mp4
  • tmp_filmburn_soundfx_36.mp4


If you haven’t yet, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more film overlays every week!

Still have a question about this pack?  Please send a message and I’ll respond as quick as I can!

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