Film Print Emulation LUTs Negative Plus Print Stocks


Film Print Emulation LUTs Negative Plus Print Stocks

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A film print emulation LUTs accurately emulate the density and color response of the film to give you an accurate preview of your footage if they were filmed on Negative film stock and printed on print stocks. Kodak 2383 is one of the most used film print LUT used on Hollywood films.

Applying a negative and a print LUT is probably the best “film look” treatment we can see and the easiest way to make your digital footage look like film. Your images will still need work and you will still need to know how to color correct and grade, but your work can look so much better.
These print LUTs are actually accurate and measured emulation of film. And not someone’s interoperation of what they think film looks like.

This package includes 11 custom-made film print emulation LUTS. These were made by following the actual photochemical process of film printing.

The name of the LUTS shows what negative film stocks were used, also the contrast option as well as the film print stock used. These LUTS were adjusted by using Hollywood’s secret sauce “Subtractive Color mixing” which mimics the way analog film reacts to light and filters.

These LUTS include Ektachrome, Kodak Vision, Kodak 5207 negative stocks as well as Kodak 2383, 2393, Fuji Eterna print stocks. Just drop them on your REC 709 footage and do your grading before the LUT layer. They have a certain film look but it does not mean to replace your grading. So even though there are 13 custom-made film print emulations the differences are very subtle. The only differences are how these film stocks look. They do not have heavy grading. You should adjust the exposure and the color temperature to what the scene requires or your taste. If you find the LUT a bit on the cool side, just warm the image up by adjusting your color temperature or your preferred way of changing it.

The names of the included LUTS are listed below. The first section of the name indicates the type of contrast used such as F3, Kodak 2383, etc… The second section such as Ektachrome, Kodak 5203 50D shows us the negative stocks that were used. The last section shows us the name of the print stocks that were used such as Kodak 2383, Kodak 2393, Kodak Vision 2383, etc…

We followed the exact photochemical process of analog film printing and tweaked the LUTS by using Subtractive Color mixing to create these cinematic LUTS. We also included the ARRI_Log_C-F5-EKTACHROME_REV2-KODAK_2383_AVERAGE-REC709_ODT-33.cube and ARRI_Log_C-KODAK_2383-Fuji_Eterna_8543__Vivid-REC709_ODT-65.cube LUTs if you prefer to use them on Log color space.


But please note, that the results will vary depending on the lighting, background, colors, and style of your video/image. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that every LUT will look great with every video.

They work on Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, Photoshop, or any applications that support .cube format.

– 13 .cube files
Instruction PDF

We provide .cube files ONLY .cube files work with most of the video and photo editings programs such as the VN Video app (free), Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop, or any editing software that accepts .cube LUT files.

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