Filmbrood’s Essential SLog3 LUTs

Filmbrood’s Essential SLog3 LUTs

Creator: Filmbrood


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Filmbrood Custom LUTs for SLog3 Footage

If you’re a student or indie filmmaker just starting out with your Sony camera, and need a quick solution to elevating your SLog3 footage to a professional look, then these are the LUTs for you!

Includes seven LUTs, each designed for a specific purpose for different stories you want to tell.

  • QND – For a quick bit of added contrast and saturation.
  • Warm/Cool – Warmer highlights and cooler shadows for a quick filmic look.
  • St. Louis Winter – Brings out cooler colors and desaturates warmer tones for a colder, melodramatic look.
  • Sodium Vapor – Brings out warmer colors for a gritter warm filmic look.
  • Old Thrills – Harder contrast curve with less saturation for a grittier old-school noir look.
  • Noircade – Boosted primary colors for a flashy 80s action thriller look.
  • Classic Filmbrood – An incredibly warm look, in case that’s your thing.

Created by Dawn Moore of Filmbrood, a DP and colorist who’s been down and dirty with color correction and grading for seven years.


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