Gear Toolkit (Brushes, JPG, PNG, SVG)


Gear Toolkit (Brushes, JPG, PNG, SVG)

Creator: xresch


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This toolkit was created to help you creating gears. It contains gears with various hole sizes, where the “wheels” can be added or subtracted to change the overall look. There are thousands of possible combinations.

Also this package includes 70 premade combinations of gears and wheels, as well connectors which can be used to connect your gears. Some of the connectors are inspired by the mechanisms you find in pocket watches.

Buy this toolkit and build that gear you have always dreamed of! ;-)

The following is included in the product, all brushes are included for Photoshop(.ABR), Procreate(.BRUSHSET) and Affinity(.AFBRUSHES):

  • 70 Gears (Brushes, JPG, PNG, SVG)
  • 70 Wheels(Brushes, JPG, PNG, SVG)
  • 70 Combinations of Gears and Wheels (Brushes, PNG)
  • 55 Connectors(Brushes, JPG, PNG, SVG)
  • High Resolution, all with a minimum size of 2000px
  • Example PSD Files

Additionally included in this product:

  • 47 Photoshop Styles(.ASL)
  • 21 Affinity Styles(.AFSTYLES)
  • Links to tutorials(.PDF)

The total number of files is nearly 700.

This brushes can be useful for:

  • Make your application loading like a pro by displaying that gears
  • Put some thinking mechanics in the head of people you think really would need it
  • Measure the progress of your wife’s pregnancy(see example image)
  • Make technical designs which look like your organization is really advanced and has knowledge about alien technology
  • Feeling steampunk-ish for some hours while playing around in photoshop
  • Getting Cog-nitions about  this and your previous lifes
  • A tattoo if you really are out of ideas what else you could do
  • Building that machine of your dreams that does all the work for you
  • Decorate your clothes to look like a really sophisticated person


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