GH5 to ARRI Look – Cinematic LUTs


GH5 to ARRI Look – Cinematic LUTs

Creator: Static Motion

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GH5 Cinelike D to ARRI Look Custom LUTs Pack

In this package you will find 2 LUTs custom created by Static Motion.

LUTs In Action
VLOG-L and Cinelike D profiles

The first of them is the most film-like appearance while maintaining the characteristic roll-off and dynamic range. It maintains the skin’s natural color with a look that is known from arri alexa cameras.

It doesn’t require too much. I prepared it so that after aplying to footage recorded in a CinelikeD ir VLOG_L profile looks good right away. You can add or substract some contrast or saturation but it’s on your side. Barcelona LUT has saturated red and film blue and green shade. I suggest recording in 10Bit since theres a best way to get the best results. It doesnt mean you can not use it on 8bit footage. Most of samples from Barcelona was recorded in 8bit 50p. And I think It looks great anyway.


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